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Bit of a long story, but I am new to the 32X. Just bought it. Came with no cables. Did a little bit of research, bought a power adapter, patch cable and a SCART output cable.

Took a while for those things to arrive, so while I waited I decided to recap the board. Took it apart, cleaned it, finally put it all back together. Set it up after all the cables arrived.

The system does not give any output when turned on. I tested the stand alone Genesis model 1 and it works just fine.

The power adapter for 32X I hope is different polarity than the Genesis. Hmm.. The patch cord is a big model one male with 8 pins, the other end is 8 pins, smaller goes in the A/V in...

I can't figure it out...

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When you had the 32X open, did you reseat the ribbon cables? This is a common point of failure and will result in a black screen. I had to do this to my unit to get it functioning.


Regarding the patch cable, it sounds like you've got it plugged in correctly.


And yeah, the 32X uses a Genesis Model 2 power adapter. I'd just make sure you're using the right one. Feel free to snap photos to show us if you need.

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On 9/23/2020 at 10:00 AM, Austin said:

When you had the 32X open, did you reseat the ribbon cables?



This. I still to this day have never received or owned a defective 32X (and I have owned MANY) but I did have quite a few that displayed a black screen until it were opened, ribbon cables properly cleaned and plugged back it. The 32X is actually a pretty solid system except for the ribbon cable "creep" that happens over time.

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