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MD+ Tutorial? (CD enhanced Mega Drive/Genesis games)


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I've read the guides, yet struggle comprehending the HOW and such of actually making the MD+ games. Some of the games like Moonwalker play even better with the real Jackson tunes in there. I don't really see a 'scene' for this community and am hoping someone will do a step by step youtube (or at least visual) tutorial. 


Also, has such a tool been developed to make these creations on other systems like the TG16, SNES, NeoGeo etc.? 

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What timing! I found Bob's recent post at RetroRGB. Though not a tutorial, it is a step in the right direction. There is also the krikzz github page for useful drivers, etc.. 


Seems like the one most active with this topic is an ArcadeTV. Now I just need to find a non social media way to contact people, haha. I'd be happy to be Private Messaged here any public email address or contact. 



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