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A "cheesy" box for Genesis games

Bruce Tomlin

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This is the perfect size tray for Sega Genesis games, and you can even hang it from a peg and put an instruction booklet in front. And the labels from the ones I've been saving up can usually be pulled off in one piece. If I ever get around to actually making a homebrew, I'll probably put them in these. (I make a point of immediately flipping the cover plastic under the cheese upon opening to keep the grease off of the tray.)



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It also fits Atari 5200 carts!  (Story: there was going to be an outdoor movie showing of Cloak & Dagger and I was going to bring this for fun, but it got canceled due to rain. It's actually a Pac-Man or something.)




Also this mall was in my neighborhood bitd, now it's Rackspace HQ, but I didn't go to the trouble of putting it on the cart. I don't remember any video games place ever being there. This is just a screen shot from the movie.


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