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New text adventure - "Tristam Island"


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13 minutes ago, DarkLord said:

Hlabarnd, thanks so much for continuing to support and update your release.


Very much appreciated!   :)


Looking at the itch.io page, it appears we may see another update this weekend to fix a problem in the z3 file. I’ve been impressed so far with @hlabrand’s support. 

Bob C

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Just wanted to mention a review of the game for the Atari ST over at AtariCrypt: https://ataricrypt.blogspot.com/2020/12/tristam-island.html


Someone also reported to me that the game was working fine on a MiSTer, if you were wondering :)


i announced recently that I'm unlikely to update the game at this point (it's in good shape, so I'm taking a break!), but be sure to let me know if you have any trouble with the setup - any improvements to my toolchain is useful for future releases :)

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Hey Bikerbob! I can give you a few pointers for sure!


The game was written using the Inform 6 programming language, which is a special-purpose language for text adventures that was created in 1993. There are lots of great resources to learn the language, like "The Inform Beginner's guide", all available for free online. If you'd like to see what the language looks like, here is the source code of a recreation of "Adventure", that you can open with a text editor : https://www.ifarchive.org/if-archive/games/source/inform/Advent.inf


I also used the PunyInform set of libraries, which are very optimized in particular for 8bit machines, and has been getting some traction lately. There is a Github repository (https://github.com/johanberntsson/punyinform) and a Discord server where you can ask questions (https://discord.gg/BFgezk7D)


Once you have generated the game file, you can play it using JZip fo the ST; see here: https://github.com/hlabrand/jzip-atariST


Finally, another option (instead of Inform/PunyInform) is the tool "DAAD". The programming is a bit simpler, maybe not as powerful, and the games aren't usually as big; but you can make graphical adventurs with it :) Here is for example a game released on the ST by my friend Stefan, created with DAAD : https://8bitgames.itch.io/rabenstein


I hope that helps! feel free to start a thread or to send PMs :)

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This thread is getting old but there is no better reason to dig it up than to announce the game is now slated for a physical release this summer!!


You can pre-order the Atari ST version here: https://www.polyplay.xyz/Tristam-Island-Atari-ST_1


There are a few goodies in the box along with the disk :) Polyplay physical releases are always very nice, and this one is no exception, with a gorgeous Infocom-style box! Very happy this is finally happening, and thanks everyone for the support :)

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