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Switch warning question?


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This just popped up on my phone first link.  Apparently lots of others are saying the same thing so must be.  I don't have a switch.  If I got one not sure how often I would play.






“If the battery in your game system is not charged or used for a long time, it will not be able to charge.

Please adapt to your system and charge once every six months."

The above bold text is from the second link.  Is that true?  I know that is the whole point of buying a switch.  But if you get busy or do not play everyday that is not good.  And also if the battery and system is brand new why would it matter?  Why would not charging for a long time make it not recharge?

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Yep, those batteries slowly drain, even in storage.  Once they hit zero, they can't be recharged.


Most people don't realize that when their phone hits zero charge, it's not really zero, it's just the safety point where the phone insists on charge before it will turn on again.

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Well, we keep the switch always in the dock and rarely play it off the dock so it is always connected to power since we tend to play it more as a console vs portable at my house. And...unlike what that article might say, My wife has been playing AC daily since I bought her Switch and copy of the game back in March. I don't play my character each day as much as I used to, but she never misses a day playing the game for an hour or so.


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I know it you don't properly turn the system off, it only has a two or three week lifespan even not using it. It seems too keep a charge better if you properly turn it off, but the longest my extra switch Sat unused was like 2 months.


Most irritating, when you plug it in to charge it, the thing comes on, so if your just charging it so often to keep the battery good, remember to properly turn it off, or it'll run down quickly.


This is a battery issue, for sure, but imo, the system should NOT come on just because you plug it in to charge. Any system in sleep mode drains their battery far faster than if their off, and switch is expensive enough it should do that, after all, ds/3d's stay off when charging, so battery maintenance is much easier on there.

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