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A Bug's Trip and Quadromania


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Update 11/10/2020: A Bug's Trip and Quadromania are now in stock at Songbird!


Songbird is excited to announce two new Lynx games coming November 2020: A Bug's Trip, developed and enhanced by Fadest over the last few years, and Quadromania, a "lost" game originally developed by RPM Software in 1993!




Read about all the new features going into these games in the latest Songbird newsletter!


... and also, Evercade is now in stock at Songbird! :)

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53 minutes ago, PFG 9000 said:

Great news! 


These will both be Day 1 purchases for me.  Is there any difference between this version of Quadromania and the one sold by Luchsoft?  I haven't gotten around to picking up that one yet. 

Yes, there are many differences: difficulty progression revamp, bug fixes, expanded scoring options, in-game backgrounds, and more. They are generally listed in the latest newsletter (everything after the first bullet is the list of what's changed), and more specifically discussed in the Raiders of the Lost ROM series of articles which focus on how I reverse-engineered Quadromania with only partial source code.


Likewise, A Bug's Trip received several improvements from the original version by Fadest such as additional songs, new sound f/x, level redesigns, etc. Plus this will be its first release on cartridge!

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Got my A Bug's Life minutes ago.  Packaging is great.  Artwork is nice.  The cart quality is first-rate.  Darn you Carl.  You keeping making innovative products that I have to have.   I love the layout, music, and playability is fantastic.  This is a cart I will continue to come back to.  It is a must-have for any Lynxster.  Thanks.

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I’ve never played Ladybug so far as I know, and I’m not very good at Pac Man, but Bug’s Trip is a really interesting spin on the formula that is really more up my alley. Really enjoying it so far! Looking forward to spending more time with it after I finish Wyvern Tales...


Quadromania is going to be my next purchase.

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For people who already got a version of A Bug's Lynx and want to hear new music and SFX by Carl, know how the new control scheme (*) in A Bug's Lynx make the game better, and how the optimisation makes bigger level more enjoyable.

I have a small demo on itch.io, with 5 levels :

A Bug's Trip Redux Demo


(*) New control scheme : the butterfly flies in a direction until a wall stops her. You can stop by pressing A or B button.

In pause menu, it is possible to switch control scheme by pressing Opt1+Opt2 while in Pause screen


In this demo, you can skip level with Option 1

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