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[DUMPED] Visual Basic 4.0 Books


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No longer available.


Well, they're technically probably still in existence in the landfill along with the installer CD, but hardly worth digging for. It's not like these are E.T. cartridges.


$0.00 + shipping.

Continental US only.



Microsoft Press

Microsoft Visual Basic:

  •      Programmer's Guide
  •      Language Reference
  •      Professional Features



Visual Basic 4.0 Power Toolkit


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I used it to create some pretty solid commercial applications. It was essentially a rapid application development tool. I liked it.


As things changed, there were lots of complaints about it not being fully OOP. I didn't really care about that at the time because it did the job that we needed it to do.


With the transition to the .NET paradigm, I found that the new version of the VB language didn't offer enough familiarity to be of any value to me. I switched to C#.


I kept the VB 4 stuff all this time because it was the last version that could do 16 bit apps. I had thoughts of maybe wanting to write an app for Win 3.x running on an old, low powered machine. I'm mostly over those thoughts. Probably should toss the old Win 3.1, 3.11 on MSDN CD's.?

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On 10/20/2020 at 4:57 PM, BigO said:


Sorry, but I haven't heard of him yet.


Just in case I did need to reference him some time before now, here's a link I can use back then.

If you ship via USPS, you will have heard of him by the time the books arrive.  I have heard that some USPS deliveries are so slow they might actually arrive by November of 2000.

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