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GCDual quick solder board, any interest in purchasing replacemnts?


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i purchased a GCDual and had some trouble with it, as it turned out it was my own fault by not enabling a feature to make the sound work.


sufice it to say one of my fix attempts was to remove the quicksolder board which damaged it beyond use.


i am considering getting some more made so i can retry the installation,  i have downloaded the gerbers from oshpark.com and reworked them because there issues with it.


i read that the qsb should in fact be 2mm but the board i received was 1.6mm, so i could fix this and get the correct sized 2mm boards done but that would put the price up quite a bit.


is anyone i the market for obtaining any of these?  pcb manufacturers dont just make 1 board that i would need, i think the minmum is 5 boards, so i was thinking these could be offered at pretty much cost price to get rid of them and to help out others.


post here if there is any interest in this



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