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Super Mario 35


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Yes, I agree.  I finished 1st place in my first attempt, and notched one more first place and many 2nd place finishes later.  It's definitely a fun and satisfying game to play.  I've also been watching YouTube videos of Ryukhar and TheDragonFeeney play it as well (I watch their Super Mario Maker 2 videos often).  Speaking of which, I was inspired over the weekend to make a course in Super Mario Maker 2 called "Super Mario Bros. 35" as a tribute to the online game.  It supports 4 paths through the course for 4 different players (2 paths through 1-1, and 2 paths through 1-2).  All paths are spammed with enemies, including those from later levels, to give the feel that you are facing waves of attackers from multiple other players.  Course ID: YM0-RG0-S1H if you have Super Mario Maker 2 and want to check it out.

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