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Repro carts


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Hey guys, is there a specific website to get these from. I got 4 of them included when buying an sega genesis lot from a local guy.


Having sold quite a bit of my ORIGINAL collection, I'd like to 're-buy' them in repro form. I actually think the repros are cooler looking. Not to mention they are NEW, so no blowing into the carts until you pass out.

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2 hours ago, chicgamer said:

There are some repro shops on Etsy. And, of course, there's eBay.


You can also get cheap repros from AliExpress, but in my experience, the quality on those is pretty poor.

Perhaps I'm asking the wrong question. I see that you can make your own repro carts. I'm wondering if I can make my own carts for distribution from my Unity Games.... I guess this is a topic for a different place. 

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