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ZOMBIE MADNESS is now for sale! All new version for Halloween 2020


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I am happy to announce that ZOMBIE MADNESS, an all new version for 2020, is now available and for sale. We are accepting orders!


The story:


One Halloween morning, your son crashes the lawnmower into the neighbor’s shed.
Strangely, the neighbor doesn’t seem mad, but he gives your son a juju.
This results in your house being invaded by zombies! 
One at a time, you must carry your family members downstairs to the exits of the house.
If a zombie touches you, you’ll have to eat some human flesh to survive. (Sorry, family!) 
Play as Dad or Mom, or have a friend join you and play together in simultaneous two-player action!
What will you do? Save your family or eat their flesh... It’s up to you!


What's new:


ZOMBIE MADNESS was programmed by Óscar Toledo Gutiérrez.
He has created many games for the Mattel Intellivision, including SPACE RAID and PUMPKIN MASTER, and many more.
Óscar originally created and offered a version of ZOMBIE MADNESS for free ( as a .ROM file ) in October 2019.
He has improved and polished the game! New features include:
Expanded game play, a simultaneous two-player mode, more music, more nice house furniture, and a "miniboss"


Buy just the game cartridge and manual, or you can buy the game cartridge and manual and box and overlay!


Please note that the game cartridge and manual are being sold as one package being offered by tim duarte.
The box and overlays are being sold as a separate package that is being offered by steve jones.
So if you want the game cartridge and manual and the box and the overlays, you will be making two separate purchases.

To order, and for more information....


please visit the ZOMBIE MADNESS web page at:




Please note that we are still waiting for the high-quality cartridge labels to arrive, so the game cartridge and manual will not be shipped until later in the month.

I do not have an exact timeframe as of today. However, I wanted to open up the option for buyers to make purchases and I will provide updates from time to time.


Boxes and overlays are ready to be shipped.


Also please note that 100 cartridges have been made. 100 manuals have been printed. These do not have serial numbers. 

Based on previous game sales, only 80 boxes and 80 overlay sets have been made.


I would like to say and give a big "thank you" to:


Óscar Toledo Gutiérrez for creating and programming the game


Mark Thompson for creating and printing the manual and play-testing the game


Steve Jones for creating the box and the overlay and the cartridge label and play-testing the game


Joe Zbiciak for producing the game cartridges




Tim Duarte








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