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What’s this worth?


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I have a friend who will sell this to me for 125 

system is complete and clean.  
I hate to use eBay as a guide and have not checked Atari stuff in a while so I am a little out of touch on the value.  I see some systems sell for 100 and some for 500 

is this a good deal?   


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My Light Sixer came in a box just like that,  Oh wait!  Nope,  Just glancing I thought I saw a Heavy Sixer on the box Implying a Light Sixer inside (My Bad!  Sorry!).  You might shop around if it's a 4 Switch Woody instead of a Light Sixer...


Value?  Depends on your tastes, i.e. what something is worth to you, and TBH, I haven't priced them in a while... If you don't have an Atari at the moment, (And especially with boxed games and hopefully the Driving controls for Indy 500),  Well I personally would probably buy it,  but you could always shop around.  My advice would be buy it, A/V (and or S-Video) mod it (or have someone mod it), then buy a Harmony Cart (Look it up if need be) and you'll be set....Then maybe get to eBay for some game lots (though you'll have them on your Harmony if ya DL the ROMs) then get to the AtariAge store and check out some homebrews!


Just my 2 cents...


Have fun!



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Edited, Because my tired eyes didn't look too carefully...I place a higher value on Light Sixers than 4 Switchers...
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Ooh! This is a toughie.


In regards to raw resale value it's a pretty solid deal.


A 4-Switch woody is, as far as I can tell, the most common of the 2600 variations. And while you did say it was complete there are a few things that usually slip under the radar, mainly the paperwork, the cardboard inserts for the console and controllers, and the pack-in. If the system is CIB with inserts, paperwork, and Combat then you'd be looking at prolly 100$ as a fair in-person asking price on the low end. Due to the minimal edge wear and incredibly clean front I don't think it would be asking too much to add another 25 bucks to that.

So IMO the CIB system is worth what they're asking for it and the games.


As for the games:

They're all incredibly common games and judging from their condition they're all within the realm of 8-15 dollars each, probably less even depending on who you talk to.


The real problem is playing them. 

Surround is really a two player game with limited single player options unless you like minimalist Pixelart. Warlords is a four player game at it's heart and is really difficult to play with fewer people than that. That also means you need to get another set of paddles (If you don't have one already.) Indy 500 can be played single player but is best with two and you have to deal with the hassle of getting driving controllers (Again, if you don't have a set already.) Asteroids and Skiing? Yeah I don't have anything to say about those.


All in all that's at least a 150$ lot if the system is as complete and as clean as you say. Unfortunately of the six games, including the metaphorical Combat four are multiplayer and one needs a pair of specialty controllers. So playwise it may not be as good a deal as if you were to just resell it yourself, unless you have some friends who really like Atari.


Prices shift quite a bit, with boxed consoles especially so in a few years, or weeks, my guess on the value of this might look really stupid. But considering the 2600 is trending a bit higher than usual value-wise I think this would be a pretty good impulse purchase.

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I wouldn't say it was worth it. The boxed games are very close price-wise to loose ones I've found. My local game store sells 'em for the same price most of the time. And it's only a four-switch woody inside the box I am pretty sure.

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So dsullo,


Did you end up buying it or what?   I suppose if I left anything out in my comment, it was that if it's a close friend (rather than an acquaintance) and if they needed the money, you might happily end up paying a little more...


Glancing again and noticing that everything is in pretty good condition,  I probably would have bought it,  but especially if it was a good friend.



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Unfortunately it's not worth anything.. In fact you would have to pay to have an e waste facility to properly recycle it. Lucky for you, I can take it off your hands free of charge!


Crap.... I just noticed that this was posted back in October

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