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The Official Atari Age Secret Santa 2020 thread


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I want to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to @chicgamer and @CaptainBreakout for coordinating this years Secret Santa!  I have seen this conducted for a couple years by @Grig before I decided to jump in and now wish I had done so sooner.  This was a great experience and very fun.  


I look forward to participating again next year and hope our Secret Santa train conductors will do this again.  They did an awesome job!!!


Hopefully 2021 will be a better year for all of us!  Have a happy new year and game on!!!

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I have a couple more Secret Santa’s to thank! Really this has been just an amazing Christmas, and I have been blown away by the generosity I’ve experienced. I’ve never felt so much “Good will toward men” at this time of year in my life, and I really will strive to pass it on.

I’m really excited to give Rainbow invaders a play and I had a lot of fun with the many toys and stickers that I received. I split most of the toys up between my kids. I also kept a few for my toolbox at work.

Thanks again to my Secret Santa’s! And Happy New year everyone!

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Loved it as always! Don’t forget to stay subscribed so you’ll see the ramp up to next year!


Hey! You! New guy/gal! If you’re stumbling on this, post-Christmas, and would like to join us next year subscribe to the thread and you’ll know when they are planning to start up in 2021.


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Had some time to play some of my wonderful Christmas presents last night.



My 5 year old daughter really enjoys chunkout 2600 and always asks to play it. It really is a lot of fun.




I played cellar-y celery for about 25 minutes tonight switching between an Edladdin controller and my paddle controllers. The paddle controllers are the way to go I think. It’s a deceptively fun game. I had a fun time. My youngest tried it with a paddle controller and couldn’t really get the hang of it. Ofcourse she is 5.



I then gave Amoeba Jump a play for about 30 minutes. Wow! What a great game! I’m surprised I haven’t played this before and doesn’t get more praise. Ofcourse I haven’t followed this game very well. I’ve had a lot of fun playing this with my Edladdin Super 78. It also plays great with a CX40 or CX10. This would be a game that would also be fun with paddle controls I think, or possibly a Trak ball.


Then I gave Ginger Man One Tough cookie a play. I’m surprised by how tough this game is but also by how precisely it controls. Sometimes in level one it feels a bit like luck when I put out the little fires. Reminds me a little bit of Stay Frosty in level 1 with putting out the fires. I haven’t been able to get passed level 2 yet. It’s a great game!


After that I played some Mappy! Wow I really like Mappy. It feels like the platformer that should have been packed in with the 2600. Atleast it would have been pretty amazing. Ofcourse I come from the NES generation so maybe a more appropriate pack in would have been Galagon. I played for about 30 minutes and have really come to enjoy trying to stack as many kitties behind me as possible before I hit them with a door beam. Maybe it’s a radio wave?



Just having a blast playing these amazing gifts. I’m sure I’ll update this thread again someday soon. Thanks again!




Also, I finally had time to put that awesome Robotron picture on the wall. Along with a few other items I received this year! Thanks for making my Atari gaming area look so great!





Thanks for the magnets!



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19 hours ago, adamchevy said:

Also, I finally had time to put that awesome Robotron picture on the wall. Along with a few other items I received this year! Thanks for making my Atari gaming area look so great!






Very cool setup!  What are you using to get the Atari output to that VGA monitor?


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I have another enthusiastic thank you and Wow to express to another Secret Santa!! This is just amazing, I didn’t know they made a board game based on a 2600 game[emoji3]! This is going to be awesome to get out on board game nights. I just started them back up a few weeks ago. Thanks so much for the kind words, Cosmic Ark, and Asteroids carts! Happy new year to you and yours as well!


Oh and I do really like Caramellos! Thanks!




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Very cool setup!  What are you using to get the Atari output to that VGA monitor?

Thanks! The console is UAV modded and I have the Svideo from the console running to a line doubler that outputs VGA. It looks almost as good as a component/RGB modded 2600. I usually hook up my console to a big Trinitron, but I have that in storage while I’m doing some remodeling on my house.
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On 1/4/2021 at 11:24 AM, CaptainBreakout said:

Hahaha... I love how Christmas has gone into extra innings with Adamchevy's situation!

Well on that front, I have an "overtime" continuance to report.  I can't really express how grateful I am, I just feel so very fortunate, and so much gratitude.  

Allow me to repeat...AC, YOU DA SANTA!!!  My SS got in touch with me indicating I had more on the way (which in itself is quite insane, as I got REALLY great SS gifts as previously mentioned...Castle Crisis ermagherd!). 


And they were NOT joking around:




I just feel so lucky...it's so awesome.  If you've never had an Eladdin controller, you HAVE to check them out.  If you don't like the colors on this one, well, my SS had me pick them out, and I LOVE them, so quiet, you. :) (guess I kinda went for the full double rainbow experience there)

I have had and played with a lot of top quality controllers in my time, and this thing STILL blew me out of my socks.  It's both heavy...and yet light?  It's hard to explain how just "perfect" it is.  Sits on your lap but isn't a beast of encumbrance; doesn't get jiggled out of place easily but also is maneuverable.  The controls are light, but so tactile and exacting, both the sticks and the buttons.  It's just a dream.  In one early try, not really giving it my all and being tired from a long day at work, I got nearly 600k on 7800 Robotron, Wave 20.  It does EXACTLY what you tell it to, instantly.  Amazing craftsmanship and engineering.  Better than what came with my full-size iPac arcade cabinet truth told.


I can't express my thanks and gratitude enough, I'm a wordy guy but now I'm at a loss for words and just repeating myself.


I think my SS AA recipient is going to be getting another box of goodies in the future, as what comes around goes around. ;)  


I. Love. This. Community!



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I can’t believe I’m posting another Secret Santa thank you! Thank you so much for the 2600 game and sticker(which I put to good use already). I’ve never heard of Lily Adventure before. I brought it home from the post office and immediately my 5 year old daughter took it from me and went downstairs to play it. I had to go back to work so I haven’t seen the game yet, but I will tonight! I’ll update this post after I get a chance to play it. Thanks again, this is really a fun surprise. I really like the pink cart and cartridge art.






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Here's a link to a page with the manual...  




The original NTSC version was just discovered!  There hasn't even been a cart run of those yet.  Your cart must have been made by a wizard!  [emoji6]



Wow! I feel very fortunate that the Wizard decided to walk by my hobbit hole. I’m excited to get a chance to own a physical version of this game, especially in its lovely pink translucent color!


Thanks for the link to the manual!



I watched a long play video of it on YouTube for about 20 minutes while I’m at work and I really liked what I saw and heard. The gameplay looks like a lot of fun! Also, I’m pretty sure I heard Jingle bells, London Bridges, and possibly what sounded like the inspiration for soft kitty warm kitty?

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So I finally received a response on my Rescue package I sent out. tl;dr ... *shrug* "Sorry but tough cookies". Lame. Thankfully Adam got a ton of rescue gear so I'm happy about that. Just irritated with USPS all over again.




Dear Mxxx Xxxxxxxx,

This is in response to your inquiry regarding the delivery of a package. Please accept our sincere apology for any inconvenience this matter may have caused you.

The Postal Service is aware of the frustration and disappointment caused when we do not live up to our commitment of safe and reliable mail service. 

Package shows delivered to parcel locker. Were unable to locate it.

An apology is no substitute for good service, but I want to offer one on behalf of the Postal Service.  We appreciate your reporting this matter to us.  It helps to know the kinds of difficulties our customers have so we can work toward improvements.  The information you have provided will be shared with management as they continue their efforts to improve service performance in your area.

Thank you for the opportunity to address this matter with you.  If you have any questions, please contact me. 


Clayton Harper

Postmaster 18 (B)




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After a bit of fitting about, I have officially acquired a Japanese PS2 to play my new import games! (I had to cancel my original order & grab one from another seller). I can finally use this joytech screen without jury-rigging it with velcro & prayers!20210112_122611.thumb.jpg.3e36a155f61f61507daa0ef6a670ec94.jpg


And yes, I had to try the Trance controller (not like that! Minds out of the gutter!) It actually didn't work at first, & there's no guides online- but I did find someone mention in passing their motor had seized. So- I opened it up, got the game going, and literally prop-started the thing! Once it started going consistently it didn't need my help anymore, so I closed it back up- if I have issues later I'll have to find something to grease it with. It is an interesting thing- the trance acts as a 'base' while the controller vibrates with some of the musical flourishes. I didn't realize it wasn't an excact mimic of the controller!


I have also learned that Beatmania is quite similar to Pop n' Music... which in turn means I'm terrible at it! ? It's becuase the music is tied to the notes you hit, so if I mess up I have trouble getting back on rhythm. I guess I have everything I need to practice, though!

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I have finished the setup for the Japanese PS2! Since I made it a semi-portable unit, it needed a way to get carried around. I finally found a proper bag for the purpose- it's a simple soft-sided cooler shaped lunch bag. Zippered pocket in front for memory cards, mesh pocket in top that's perfect for a DVD sized case... only problem was keeping the system components separated. So, I made a lil' divider out of cardboard & covered it in felt this afternoon. I think it came out well!20210114_213235.thumb.jpg.0b8f9b07723d26880cb1a62892421228.jpg

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Christmas in January!!! A big box came in the mail today from Louisiana...


First up was an awesome Double Dragon plug 'n play. Nice! I've only played the 7800 and Lynx versions, so this'll be great.


Next up: a cool paperback! This'll be great for my next business trip...unless the kids grab it first. The colouring book of Pixel Art is pretty neat, too, though I know my daughter's going to go after that one.


I lost the amazing Pac shirt immediately to my partner, but I'll get it back later. My son immediately told me how amazing the mini controller is, and claimed that he "saw it on YouTube". And I'm not sure how he did that, since he's been banned from YouTube. Ahem.


Pong is always an amazing addition, and I actually don't have it for anything but the ColecoVision (and if you count Ponx and a minigame in Lynx Reloaded) for the Lynx. Yay! 


Finally, a BIG thank you for the boxed copy of K-Razy Antics. I bought this when I was twelve at a Kay-Bee store in Charleston, West Virginia, and lost the box shortly thereafter. This was one of three games that I had for an entire winter, and I played the heck out of it. Ah, the memories.


What amazing presents. How unexpected! THANK YOU, Secret Santa!!










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