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Let it not be said that I don't take advice.



Last few days I was talking about how easy it is to use SCART with a CRT TV.  First I would have to get a color space changer which costs 50 bucks, versus buying individual ycbcr cables.  Plus I don't know how TVs think of the SCART sync and have another thing to worry about.


Also I tried the ypbpr to VGA adapter and there's a critical flaw in the made flash adapter which makes it very inconvenient to run.   Apparently this device does not like 480i because when I plugged the colors into it the VGA showed up as nothing.


Also this TV tuner I had for VGA if it's true that it takes about one frame to the interlace the frame that explains why my TV got VGA with the MTVBOX adapter.



However, I found a low ping way to play HDMI games:




When I plug an HDMI device into an HDMI splitter one end goes to my PlayStation 3D TV the other goes to my VGA CRT, assuming the sounds are synced, when I select something on the Wii menu I hear two distinct clicks when I stand in between them one on the left side being the CRT first then one on the right side.  The click started and stopped on the CRT before the other TV picked up the click.


And in 2012, the PlayStation 3D TV was considered a Gamers TV having a back then best time of 31 milliseconds according to the input lag website.  So if I get savings versus a PlayStation 3D TV then the HDMI to VGA conversion is pretty quick.  Heck, it's even passive, doesn't require any power.  Some of the active ones were a lot worse than the passive one.



Also I'm selling three 3D cameras that are in standard definition.



Mainly because due to my limited bandwidth OBS does not like to have three video sources on the screen broadcasting at once, despite the fact I'm not actually using my computer to do the broadcasting but recruiting my cell phone which is way faster.


In return I bought three very small high-definition spy cameras, that I could use as three separate setups for my webcams and take two of them and put them in a wearable something I'll cobble up later to get point of view 3D perspective.


Since there's limited to two images and all you need for 3D is a left image and a right image I was going to do some in life real work doing probably the best sport that would most benefit by 3D coverage, miniature golf.   soccer football in American football are not very good in 3D because the distances are so far away relative to their distances between each other.  But mini golf looks hilly and craggy in comparison to those.


I tested 3D on the road with a standard definition camera playing Dr Mario miracle cure and the video is not that good.


Luckily I do have twin high definition cameras.  I just got to find a clip on rig to attach so that I can play while it films the 3DS footage in accurate 3D.  



Finally you could only have so much stuff.  




I was asking if there were any ludistic advantages of having a DualShock one or a standard digital controller over a DualShock 2 on the PlayStation 2 or the PlayStation 1.


Most people said the L2 and R2 are quicker on the digital versus the analog.


And a lot of people say the analog triggers were either not used well or unnecessary in most of the games that used them.


so I needed a little money took a queue found out that really I only need two DualShock ones in case PlayStation 2 competition gets hot and heavy and me and my brother need a quicker L2 an R2.  and just to have one regular old-fashioned dog bone Playstation One controller is kind of cool just to say I was there.


so those excessive PlayStation DualShock ones and digital controllers are also on the auction block.




Even before I started my first broadcast I had a twitch fan,  who I have no idea who that person is,  calls her web self  Padme (assuming web names don't lie about gender) and said she watched me while I was in high school on TV.  She said she was young enough we wouldn't have met in school.


Before circumstances required me to live the Covid lifestyle 19 years ago continuously.  Unfortunately I couldn't virtually socialize easily due to a lack of bandwidth here.  Now I got barely enough to do more than just type text on websites about certain things.  And I am planning to use it.


Ps 1 original controls: https://www.ebay.com/itm/264888792602


DualShock 1s:



All Sega SCART cables, plus SNES SCART cable:




Mayflash component to VGA:




3 3d Web cameras




I'll come up selling my MTVBOX in a minute.  Just let me list that in an hour or less and you could bid on it.


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