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That NES emulator you’ve been using to play Super Mario on Android may well be a fraud

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Same. I re-read it several times, and I don't get it. From what I understand, an advert (fraudulent software) runs an emulator with NES games to trick you in downloading it.

I assumed I missed the meaning of it because English isn't my native language but I also suspect whoever wrote this article only half-understood what they wrote about.


My best guess is they try to say that there are fraudulent apps out there, made to either suck up your data or hog your smartphone's processing power, disguising as ready-made emulator with loaded NES games. Thus you willingly download it when you see an ad for them, thinking they are legit or at least, non-harmful app, and get infected.

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It's a working app that does what it says it does, but it does a back end way about feeding you ads that don't do as they should being sneaky in the background is what I'm gathering from that.  The article links to the source, down its page you get the full list of deceitful apps.  Couldn't hurt to check.

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