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Commodore 1084 series monitors... restoration fun!


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So I had a pleasant result on de-rusting metal shields and casing  See the after, then the before. This is the neckboard RF shield and or case on a Commodore 1084-D1 Daewoo Monitor. I did nothing but soak them in muratic acid (pool supply or home repair store).  I then neutralized the acid with lots of baking soda. I then did a neutralizing rinse with baking soda water, dried and wiped with a clean cloth with isoprop, then treated immediately with WD40. I'm using vinegar or lemon juice to scrub rust off certain points where rf shields rusted on the board. 







I've then recapped the whole motherboard and now am looking at the faulty power switch and knobs. I have a new power switch on the way and desoldered the current one to repair it and or learn from it. 


I am thinking of desoldering all the pots and buttons to service them. The springs could use some WD40 soaking if nothing else if not replacement. Are the values on the pots of all front and rear access knobs on a 1084 monitor the same value or do I really need to memorize which came from where if removing from the board for servicing?  Any places to source new Commodore monitor new pots, switches and knobs? 






This is a great "hack"(?) for those with a monitor with a non working power button that don't solder. I've seen "always on" vintage monitors (especially Commodore) where the power switch has gone bad. Many won't risk opening a CRT monitor for LEGIT fear of death from poking around. For others, replacement parts are pricey. Here is something you may want to do even with a WORKING switch.  Thrift stores will have vintage 80s/90s power switch panels that CRT monitors sat on top of.  The button sizes vary, but look here as an example:


This is a great external OFF/ON bypass switch option for vintage monitors with bad/broken power switches that you had to keep in an "always on" position.


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