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new pokemon themed controllers


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That's the Split Pad. I have the Daemon X Machina branded one, which is just black with red accents and no noticeable branding. I've used it as my main joycons for a while, here are some points:


-Very big. Feels like a Pro Controller in the hand.


-Zero drift, unlike Hori's more basic Joycon replacements.


-Controls sticks are big and therefore better suited for FPS games, like Doom, and uh... Doom Eternal?


-D-pad is OK. It's kinda mushy in my opinion, but way better than the Pro Controller. I think this D-pad is standard for Hori controllers, so it might be familiar to you.


-No Rumble, no Motion Controls.


-No wireless and no batteries, only works when directly plugged into the Switch. Just use a pro-controller when docked.


-Very light and cheap-feeling due to the lack of rumble, motion controls, batteries, or blutooth antenna. They work great, but they feel hollow.


-Back buttons that are remappable, however the two halves of the controller are considered separate, so the left back button is kind of useless. You can use it for the left-stick-click, the shoulder buttons, and maybe the D-pad, but it's not as useful as other back buttons on controllers.


-Still no analog triggers


-Turbo buttons are there.


That's my review of all the basic features. Personally, I prefer using standard Joycon with a Satisfye Comfort Grip because I like the rumble and motion controls from a standard joycon, but this works well too, especially since it's cheaper than a standard pair of joycon. If you want a joycon with a d-pad but with the standard size and shape (and with the standard terrible joystick), Hori also sells some of those with Zelda branding and Mario branding and other fun stuff, although it is weird to have mismatching joycon.

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