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ACE80 / ACE80XL / DT80 Pre-order


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Exciting news people, we should be ready to go with the ACE80, ACE80XL and DT80 cartridges by the end of the month!!! The pre-sale will start soon and I will post a link on this thread the moment it does.  There will be a limited first edition run of 100 cartridges, so when the pre-sale opens get your order in right away.  We make may another run if demand is there but initially it will only be 100 carts!  These have been tested and work the with FujiNet as well!  


Happy New Year,


Vintage Computer Center

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On 10/12/2020 at 8:39 PM, netcoord99 said:

Hi guys! Hey, I was wondering if you all could give me your opinion? Ok, how well do you think the ACE80 / ACE80XL / DT80 80 column cartridges would sell in this day and age? I still own the copyrights and would like to produce more if they are still needed. Is there something out there that has taken their place or are they even needed by Atari users? Thanks!!


PS: What would be a fair max price for one of these now considering hardware costs these days?



I would take Ace80 in RIGHT-cart format, or a "smart cart" that could be plugged on LEFT or RIGHT ports and would auto-map on pertinent address-space. Self-disappearing as well, please, and with an update /refresh so ACE80 can run at its current lightning-fast speed but also supporting Antic seperate-RAM access so screen buffer can be moved altogether out of $A000-$BFFF range during E: operation (this would be great for general editing, programming  or DOS sessions).


Talk about a tour-de-force of Atari's architecture versatility and flexibility, especially with the 800 right-port version. We could even boot it from right port on Incognito's XL/XE mode, thanks to a R04-XE OS load that I have specially updated (with ZERO loss of integrity or core-functionality) to flawlessly and reliably boot carts on $8000-$9FFF address range, too.


bring it on!

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What would be great is to see it in action, anyone want to post a video to youtube?  


Software solutions didnt seem great in the past, to me.  but given how crystal clear displays have gotten such as a sophia to a 19” dvi monitor, maybe, I have an open mind on it.  seems to me, ideally - and nothing is ideal but literally the goal would be -they are fast, readable, take no ram and are universally supported.   again nothing achieves that and the comparative question, for me, is how close a solution comes, which I am not really able to gauge as yet.  i dont have a feel for the look or operation.   i dont use letter perfect, but sounds like to use this that would be the editor of choice?


anyway if just collecting cool stuff, i get it from that angle

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This sounds cool from a "clever piece of technology" POV, but what can it be used for?  I read earlier in the thread about the patches to LetterPerfect/DataPerfect, but what other software is known to work with this cart?


I'm sure BASIC would work just fine, but this does take up the cartridge slot and so some things like the OSS carts can't be used with this (at least on XL/XE, don't know if OSS carts play nicely with a right slot cart on the 800).   Can it be used with terminal apps?  Though many terminal apps provide their own software-driven 80 column display.


Depending on the price, I might be interested in this just for fun, but I'm skeptical of how much value it provides given the downside of occupying the cartridge slot.


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