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CLAIMED: Two (2) Clean Non-Working 3rd Party Atari 2600 Carts


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Not sure if there's any interest in two busted Atari 2600 carts: Carnival (Coleco) and Decathlon (Activision). Both clean shells but I couldn't get the games to work. Yes, I know all about isopropyl followed up by a dash of brass polish if isopropyl fails to do the trick. Still no dice. Any interest in the shells? Just pay actual shipping. Pics below. If no interest, I'll toss 'em. Thanks! CLAIMED!




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32 minutes ago, roadrunner said:

Nice looking carts and labels.
i'm sure someone here could use them for parts.

Agreed! Given that they were in pretty good shape to the naked eye, I was surprised that I couldn't get them working. And yeah, if they were beaters, I'd have just tossed them outright, but it feels like a waste to toss such good looking carts!

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Are these still available? I have a need for one for sure, because I bought one without a shell in a lot of other random items on ebay. I still don't know the game but might find out today. Would be ironic if it was either of the two listed. I'm new to Atari. I just bought a junior for $25 though. It was too good to pass up. I used to see them in thrift stores as a kid and wanted one so bad but we were poor. What can you do.


I could use the other cart for a project. I'm hoping shipping isn't more than what cheap games are on ebay. I use pirate ship and get a discount.


I'll send a PM!

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