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I got an email the other day that sometime by or after October 21st, the web and mobile versions of the Playstation Store will no longer allow users to purchase PS3 or Vita games.  In addition, the Wishlist feature will be removed.  Users can still access the store and make purchases through the consoles themselves.


It's just a very visible sign that the clock is nearing midnight on the store for those systems.  It may not be too much longer before they close off the store for those consoles.  I had not too long ago made a couple of straggler purchases: Apache Overkill and Gekioh.  


I'm going to miss the Wishlist feature.  That was how I kept track of games I was interested in but didn't immediately plan to buy.  I guess Sony doesn't want users to easily reference games they aren't currently promoting.


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Yeah, it's too bad. I never liked the console storefront.


I bought a batch of Japanese downloads this week for my PS3 before the end comes for the browser storefront. Will be prioritizing my last few North American PS3/PSP downloads on my wishlist in the months ahead, since I also don't see it surviving much longer.

With changes like this and some past changes that have amounted to cordoning off the PS3/PSP/Vita from the PS4 and the future PS5, it just might prove though to have the opposite effect. If legacy PSN support isn't hindering their current and next gen platforms and is still turning a profit, it just may surprise us and stick around for a few more years yet.

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