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1 hour ago, Thomas Jentzsch said:

Currently there is plenty of free ROM left.


42 minutes ago, Prizrak said:

I think maybe be meant for it still being able to fit into 4k?

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seems like there is only 3K used currently, so for an 2K game it is already way too big and for a 4K ROM there is nearly 1K left for features ?

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On 10/22/2020 at 7:00 PM, vhzc said:

Low Res Car (joystick only version) RC1


I finished the joystick only version.

- Bring back  the square counter and the thin line as a road border.

- The car speed can be increased with the joystick.

If no bug appear then this will be the final only joystick version.

Still trying to get a paddle version with the correct level of difficulty.


LowResCarJoyRC1.bin 4 kB · 0 downloads




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2 hours ago, NISMOPC said:

This looks great.


Is it possible to add color choice for background? Maybe a/b switch to allow color change from yellow to blue or grey or ???

Just some thought.

Yes, that is a nice and easy to add feature, when I find some time I will implement it. Thanks for your suggestion.

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