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Best place to buy replacement parts and mods for game systems


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  I initially came on this site to sell off my old video game junk to pay for some fertility stuff.  Taking apart my NES/GEN/SMS controllers to give them a cleaning before selling has re-ignited a 20 year old interest in Electronics. I went out and bought an Electronic's kit, Multimeter, Silicone Mat, 4 or 5 broken Genesis and some broken Game Gears recently to tear down. I have no idea what I'm doing but I'm finding that just 'fixing' and collecting this old stuff is more fun than actually playing and selling it... uh oh.   Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else could recommend some good places to order spare parts and mods from on the Internet. Also any good DIY tutorials on the net?


I've found this place so far




Anyone know of any specifically for SNES / Genesis?


My mission, this lock-down, is to eventually learn to fix my old pinball machine......... and not sell it. :D


Ohhh what have I done?!?

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@CaptainCanadian  I third Console5.com, they have amazing selection and customer service.  I know that if I order from Console5, I'm getting quality and legitimate parts.  I've probably done 50 orders with them.  Console5 also has a great tech wiki and primer section for beginners on repair (as well as a link to a pinball related one that applies to a lot of classic consoles as well)


For standard components like electrolytic capacitors and such, for systems that I do a lot of work on I buy a lot from Mouser Electronics.  However, if you're just wanting to do a system here and there, you may as well use Console5, as their prices are good enough and you don't need to order qty's of 100 to get the price you're looking for.


If I need more obscure parts like old DRAM I use Unicorn electronics.


Hope that helps and happy repairing!

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