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Repair (and battery pack replacement) recommendations (in the USA) for a Sega Nomad?


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I bought a Sega Nomad at the Toys'R'Us clearance of them way back in 1998 or so. I've made a habit of turning it on every couple years since to make sure it still works. This time, though, no go. I presume some critical cap(s) burst, although I should open it up and have a look.


I would like to get Moebius Strip to do it and install a triple bypass while they're at is, but they only accept working units, apparently.


Even if it is just a cap job, I am not comfortable with SMD soldering, particularly on hard-to-find hardware. Does anybody have recommendations for a person or company who can ship to and receive from the US that would be willing to take on such a job?


On another subject, the Nomad came from the store with rusted-out battery pack terminals, so I never used it. Over the years I apparently lost the battery box. Are there any good replacements, preferably rechargeable?

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If you are looking for a new rechargeable battery pack, laser bear is working one. But apparently you have to supply your own lithium cells. 




Here is a video of one of his prototypes from about a month ago. 



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