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2020/2021 HSC Rd 3 Dig Dug


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Standard settings (Pineapple, this is default)

current HSC record: 345,040 - godzillajoe


Round ends November 19


HSC Points as of round 2:

20 - Dr Moocowz

18 - toiletunes

15 - BydoEmpire

14 - roadrunner

14 - jeremiahjt

12 - oyamafamily

10 - NIKON

9 - slx

3 - jblenkle


Round 3 scores:

182,690 - NIKON +10

145,330 - oyamafamily +9

123,660 - roadrunner +8

121,330 - Namco Player +7

117,500 - toiletunes +6

77,600 - Dr Moocowz +5

70,530 - jeremiahjt +4

48,450 - BydoEmpire +3


HSC Points as of round 3:

25 - Dr Moocowz

24 - toiletunes

22 - roadrunner

21 - oyamafamily

20 - NIKON

18 - BydoEmpire

18 - jeremiahjt

9 - slx

7 - Namco Player

3 - jblenkle

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25 minutes ago, BydoEmpire said:

Is there a way to see the high scores?  It went to the menu before I could take a picture, and then started another game which cleared the score.


It was around 36,500, so nothing earth-shattering, but i did want to get something up.

If you wait the attract mode will kick in with your score displayed

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25 minutes ago, NIKON said:

If you wait the attract mode will kick in with your score displayed

Thanks, I didn't wait long enough for my "good" game.  When played again, hoping to see a high score and waited, itjust showed the score for the last game... in which I killed myself right away to get back to the menu.  Oh well, I guess I'll have to play again.  Oh darn! ;) Despite 36k being nowhere near the top fo the list, it was pretty good for me for a first attempt in a while.

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39,820 - starting to get the hang of how to increase score.  That's what I love about classic arcade games.  I've played a reasonable amount of Dig Dug, I like the game, I've had fun with it over the decades... but all these years later there's still a lot to learn and by playing more I start to devise better strategies.  Even without getting a good score, though, I still have fun.  To me, that's a great game.



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