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Harmony not working on 7800


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Harmony carts are tested on 7800s before going out. If it isn't working with yours, and your Harmony works on other consoles, the first thing to do is clean the cart fingers with some isopropyl alcohol and a Q-tip.


If it continues to fail, there is a chance you have a bad RIOT chip on your 7800. Many carts will boot and play with a bad RIOT chip and errors in the game won't necessarily show up right away, because they use the RIOT RAM as data storage. However, because Harmony runs code from RIOT RAM on boot, which means that even just a single bit of bad RIOT RAM will show up right away.


One way to see if you might have bad RAM on your console is to load a game directly to the Harmony's memory through USB, using the Harmony software. Load a game that already seems to play on your console. If the game boots and plays then the problem might be your RIOT chip.

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