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Need help with no video from Videopac G7000


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I recently picked up a videopac G7000 with 3 games but I'm really struggling to identify why there is no picture.  


I'm fairly confident that the system is working.  For example if I insert a cartridge and hook up my speakers to the audio output from the motherboard I get sound and if I start a game I can hear it running correctly.


The video though...  Poking around the PAL encoder there is nothing on pin 5 which should be composite out.  I've been using the schematics (linked below) to try and work out what's happening but not getting that far as my board is a different revision to that in this.



Working from that schematic I can see signals on most pins on the PAL except for Burst, B-Y and R-Y.  Well there are signals there, 4.4mhz as the schematic suggests, but they are very weak less than 100mv.  Thing is I'm not sure what these should be.  

I was wondering if anyone could offer some advice as to what to test or even if they knew what the burst, b-y and r-y signals should be at?  

I'm tempted to just go with an RGB mod and bypass all the existing video output circuitry but I'd rather have it working.  

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