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PS3 needs fixed. Powers on beeps 3 Times no green light

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Ok I just got a PS3 60g fat model on eBay knowing it was faulty. The issue that was stated was "PS3 falty no power" witch was the case at first. I then opened it up and took a look inside seeing if there was anything obvious. I noticed that it was been opened previously and someone has replaced the thermal paste. They didn't do s good job it was a mess. I cleaned the majority of the thermal paste off the board and... The red light comes on and beeps 3 times as you plug it in. The power button doesn't do anything when pressed it just a still red light. 



Anyone out there have any ideas?

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I did a bit of digging online, and found a post discussing the various PS3 'red light, three beeps' errors that might help better diagnose the problem.


Most of these seem to be related to overheating issues, but if it happens immediately when it is turned on I expect overheating is not the problem here.

It might be worth experimenting a bit and trying a different power supply? This is something I was looking into doing, as the original PS3 power supplies reportedly are very inefficient and tend to run much hotter then the newer versions of PS3 power supplies. Looking around online it seems there are a few options for newer PS3 power supplies that will also still fit and work in the older fat PS3 models.


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I'm felling like it's something to do with the cpu being shorted out or something. It wolnt even turn on like when I press the button to start it it just stays red. If I shut it off with the shitch in back the standby light comes on and beeps . And it won't do anything else. Every now and then it might go to the green light after turning the back switch on then goes back the the red. I also have acuble spire power supply. It also duse the same thing with them.

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A bit of an odd question, but the fan and heatsink are attached when you are turning it on?

I am not super familiar with PS3's, other then the CECHA01 I took apart to replace the thermal paste on a month and some ago, but for the PS3 fat I was working on to get to the bare board like yours, the cooling fan and heatsink assembly needed to be removed.

If the fan is not attached the error may be the PS3 is not detecting the fan, and triggering a 'overheating' shutdown to protect the hardware.

Just spitballing here though!

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25 minutes ago, kevincondrick@gmail.com said:

Well yah unfortunately it doesn't matter if the fans on it or not it still dose the same thing. Idk if the clock battery has anything to do with it but it may be bad or something I really don't know. I'm still leaning towards the cpu shorted out with thermal paste somehow. 

I do believe the only effect a dead CMOS battery has is that it will not keep the correct date/time. I do not think it would in itself cause this error. But if you have the system apart now, I do believe it is just a standard CR2032 under the green plastic shell, so you could pop the connector off the board and then test it with a multimeter and see if it is still putting out 3 volts or better. If it is under 3, I think it you can consider it to be dead.

If someone really gooped on the thermal paste, a short is a possibility depending on what paste was used. I use Arctic Silver, which is an excellent and popular paste but it is technically conductive (metal particles in the paste) so you do have to be careful with applying it.

If the thermal paste is conductive and has gotten onto where the CPU/GPU is seated and causing a short, I am not sure how you can clean it out easily. Popping either out of its socket would then require reballing to re-attach, which means either buying some speciality equipment or taking it to a repair shop to do the work for you.

Hopefully someone more knowledgeable can give better advice on this. Honestly my expertise with the fat PS3 comes entirely from servicing the one I bought just a month ago, so I am certainly no expert on troubleshooting problems with it.

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