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Some type-in programs for TRS Model I/II/III


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 I've been reading TRS-80 Microcomputer News, and entered a few of their type-in programs. You can copy-and-paste these into an emulator to run them.


I made a typo on the Compu-Artist program that I think makes the output better, but I included the original version as a comment also.



M2 tree text based.bas.txt M1,3 Christmas Tree on Line Printer.bas.txt M1L1 Tree.bas.txt M1L2 Tree.bas.txt M2 Tree graphics .bas.txt M1L1 Compu-Artist.txt

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Here are some business chart demos from the TRS-80 Computer Graphics Operations Manual. Both require a Model II with a hires graphics board. trs80gp works also.


Please run these using BASICG; regular BASIC doesn't have the additional commands to support hires graphics.


M2 BASICG sample pecanpie chart.txt M2 BASICG sample threedee demo.txt

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