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Intellivision Day 2020 is Coming!

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Intellivision Day 2020

Play a game you like, with someone you like


The Intellivision game-playing community is once again celebrating the birthday of the console, December 3, 1979, by simply playing any game in the catalog. Worldwide, players continue to just have some “blocky fun” for any amount of time on their original console, Intellivision Flashback, or emulator.


To assist the community in playing as much from the catalog as possible, a simple commitment webpage is available on the Intv Prime website. The page exists to show people what is/not being played, so every cartridge (or ROM) can have a little time. But there is nothing stopping anyone from playing any game they want. It’s all about the games! The sign-up page will be wiped at 12:01am after the day is done, no player information of any kind is kept.


Event Details:

December 3, 2020.

12:00am to 11:59pm






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