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Ideas for some sort of PCI-e extension.


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I recently came into a small lot of GTX1080 cards. Cheap enough to make them worthwhile. They're rather pedestrian but still solid performers and so I'm going to use them in some emulation rigs. My own and perhaps ones I may build for others. I'm also using Shuttle XPC SFF case + mobo + power supply.


Problem is the GTX1080 overhangs the smaller PCI-e slot. And I want access to that slot. So I'm looking for a high quality extender. I could maybe make my own, but would rather go with something purpose-made. I tried two different ones from Amazon but they don't easily bend at right angles to fit in that space designated by the red markings. The space is only a few millimeters, and I would want room left over so nothing touching the graphics card housing. Ideas?



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