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Popeye 7800


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Thank you everybody. Much appreciated. It really means a lot to think about all of the support and encouragement I received for this project. I am also so happy that it opened to door to get to know some of you on a different level. It's great to be part of a community of such great and talented people, who share the same interests. So, one of the best things is getting to know more of you. I hope Popeye (and Pengo) can generate some long-term enjoyment.


Thank you to all who helped.


I hope the awards speech was more entertaining than awkward. It never occurred to me that the Twitch stream was playing in my ear. James asked how I was doing, and I answered. He then asked about something else. As I started to answer the second question, I heard, "How are you?", right in the middle of my answer. It really caught me off guard. I thought maybe nothing I'd said to that point was heard. It took about 2 or 3 times to realize I was hearing the feed delayed. I also had Popeye playing on my tablet, in Argon. So, when I mentioned props, I was caught off guard that the screen had gone to sleep. It was a confusing start. When I re-watch it, I laugh at myself. Technology. LOL!


Thanks again.

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2 minutes ago, Muddyfunster said:

Congratulations Darryl, Popeye is a magnificent piece of work!

Thank you. Likewise with your Keystone and EXO. In sharing the nominations with some of my non AtariAge friends, I mentioned that Pengo was up against a Keystone Kapers port that has so much polish. I go on about the music, colorful graphics, and added cut scenes. Beautiful job!

2 minutes ago, Muddyfunster said:


I know what you mean about the speeches, I tend to go off at 100 mph and then not say half of the things I wanted to say :D 


Exactly! I was in the other room watching the stream with family, on the TV, which is why I didn't realize that @ZeroPage Homebrew was trying to contact me ahead of time. As I was awaiting the award slot, I was starting to get a little tired. I was getting more anxiety, concerned I'd say something dumb or leave somebody out. I guess I was saved by technology issues and (hopefully) comic relief. LOL.

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1 hour ago, RevEng said:

The replies here and elsewhere illustrate why I love the 7800 dev scene. All the active devs help each other out, and are legitimately happy to see others have success. No toxic zero-sum crap going on, as far as the eye can see.

I've been watching you (devs/creatives) help one another out for several years now and this is what made me want to help out in anyway I could.  Without a doubt, the entire community benefits from this. 

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I was looking at the Popeye credits this morning, and I realized that @sramirez2008 was somehow not included in the Popeye credits. That hit me pretty hard, because he's been there from the beginning. He also returned to retest after making some refinements for savekey and AtariVox devices.


This has been fixed.



Thanks again everybody!






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15 hours ago, PacManPlus said:




EDIT - Sorry, didn't mean to thread hijack...  Back to Popeye... There is no better port of this game an any other system! :) The graphics, music, and gameplay are all top-notch.  Great work all!

It's actually a classical piece called "Dance of the Hours", but that's neither here nor there lol ... Alan Sherman appropriated it for his sleepaway camp song.  OK, now back to Popeye




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Here's a little update. I am not sure if I mentioned this before, but "Rev F" can be switched to "Novice" mode. It's identical as far as game play. The difficulty name is changed, and the background becomes black.


This is done with a joystick combination on the title screen. Here's the clue. :)


This only works in the full version.



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