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A Crush of Lucifer - 1982 prototype for the Vectrex

Dieter Laser

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What an amazing find.


Well done!


And thanks for making the effort to get it out there to the World rather than just profiteering. I'm sure you can do that after!


(And if you are just reporting it, thank you, and thanks to the finder)

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That's awesome, thanks for the update. I've been really wondering if and when this would be released, because it needs significant retooling to be a fun game. The reason it wasn't completed was because it wasn't really working on the fun factor and playability it would seem. Definitely is super visually appealing though and hopefully Sean can make it as fun as it is cool looking. If it were a fully completed game then obviously it would be released already. This is very exciting, probably the final lost Vectrex prototype we'll ever get to uncover.

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2 hours ago, Tempest said:

Wow I missed this when it was posted initially.  Neat!  What's the history behind this game?  Was it an official GCE game?

There was a guy on the Facebook group Vectrex Fans Unite whose dad had worked for GCE / Milton Bradley back in the Vectrex years, and he found a bunch of his dad's old Vectrex prototypes in their attic or something. And it just so happened he had this previously unknown unreleased Vectrex prototype Devil's Crush.

7 hours ago, jgkspsx said:

I wasn’t aware anybody had gotten to play it yet! I haven’t. My expectations for prototypes are pretty low, but the only Vectrex prototype I regret buying was Cube Quest. What homebrewers are doing these days is stunning, though.

Just a couple people have played it. But based on what they said, and based on the video, you can tell there are gameplay and collision detection problems, etc. It needs lots of work before it will be a real game.

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6 hours ago, Mayhem said:

Bump up a bit, but yes, a few of us have tried out the game, it's being worked on by a couple of established homebrew authors to improve it and iron out bugs and add more to what's already there I believe.

Any chance of uploading that BIN file so we can try out the prototype ourselves on a flash cart? Or is that being tightly guarded until the full release of the improved game? It would seem it has already been decided to hold off on releasing a ROM, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

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FYI here's the text from the Youtube description...it says it will be released in Spring 2022, so must be in the next month or 2! This will be a Sean Kelly release and available on his website I believe, based on the flyer that was posted above.


"Missing for nearly 4 decades, A Crush of Lucifer is a first-person flight shooter game for the Vectrex video game system designed by General Consumer Electronics (GCE) during the console's original run in 1982. Coinciding with the 40th anniversary of the Vectrex, now enthusiasts of the console will be able to enjoy this lost game for the very first time! A full release of A Crush of Lucifer will be available for the Vectrex in Spring 2022."

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My order is in!




The description from Sean Kelly:



A Crush of Lucifer is NOW AVAILABLE!


This game surfaced in 2020 in the archives of a former Milton Bradley employee where it has sat for nearly the past FORTY YEARS! It is almost certainly the last GCE/MB programmed title ever made.


It was located by Steven Salter and purchased by me. Steven was very excited to be involved in the production of this title and assisted in almost every aspect. He is entirely responsible for the awesome overlay, wrote most of the text in the manual, designed the game's logo and was basically the only beta-tester of the game. In more ways than one, the game would not be available today without Steven's help!

My best estimate is that the game was about 90-95% complete. As Steven has stated here in the past, there were some collision issues and some of the sound effects were clearly "placeholders" intended to be replaced during a final pass by the programmer. The finishing touches and other minor fixes were masterfully applied by Chris Binarystar.

We used a custom-designed PCB done by none other than Jason Kopp. The board is in the shape of the evil one himself. During regular play, the cartridge (which is housed in a clear shell) gives off a subtle amber glow. If you are skilled enough to reach the boss stage, the PCB "comes alive" and Lucifer's eyes begin flashing as he mocks your feeble attempt to destroy him.

The game comes complete with a GCE-style box, manual, overlay and a limited edition Crush of Lucifer magnet. The magnet will be included only while supplies last.

I was demoing the game all last weekend at Midwest Gaming Classic in Milwaukee and it was very well-received. It's a challenging game that most everyone had fun playing.

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