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HSC17 Round 21: RAYMAZE 2000 + HEAD ON


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Still liking my own game "Car Crash" has it's own merits, got to level 7 -


Had another Z1 failure on RM2K


Also played Crazy Scooter - the annoying waits spoil it but it has the fuel burn element - got to the 3rd level




next round starts 10am ish (UK time) on Sunday morning!


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Congratulations to McKong for the victory on RAYMAZE 2000 (based on progress on 2nd maze). One of my favourite new games being it is based on a classic game I can see why. If you missed this one be sure to check it out and look out for my review in the next Pro(c) Atari Magazine whenever it manages to appear!


Head On is too tricky on Medium to be much fun but a couple of you managed to beat the first screen :thumbsup: My Car Crash game is worth a play too, crazy scooter may be ok, I didn't get round to looking at Dodge Racer and fandal's xex version didn't load on altirra but I think the original basic game is there too.


Thanks for playing everyone.


Now let's see what won the secret poll!


Final Tables


based on combined scoring from both mazes

  1st   McKong                       12pts

  2nd   therealbountybob         11pts
  3rd   graywest                    10pts
  4th   carlsson                      9pts

  5th   Caco                           8pts

  6th   Sikor                           7pts
  7th   roadrunner                   6pts


1st "Top Exit" Maze (Medium)
  1st   therealbountybob        104,750*
  2nd   McKong                     100,800* 
  3rd   graywest                   100,090*    
  4th   Caco                           75,450     
  5th   carlsson                      74,850    
  6th   Sikor                           33,540    
  7th   roadrunner                   21,110    



2nd "Bottom Maze" (Medium)
  1st   McKong                         128,690
  2nd   therealbountybob          101,980
  3rd   carlsson                        72,690

  4th  graywest                        64,770    

  5th  Sikor                              28,420



HEAD ON (Medium*)

*but play on easy for fun if (like me) Medium is too tricky to beat the first board!

  1st   McKong                      10,915  7pts
  2nd   graywest                     8,670  6pts
  3rd   therealbountybob         4,825  5pts
  4th   Sikor                          4,270  4pts
  5th   carlsson                     4,020  3pts
  6th   roadrunner                  3,430  2pts
  7th   Caco                         3,340  1pts


Car Crash 2008
  1st   therealbountybob        39,270   1pt
  2nd   carlsson                    10,780    1pt
  3rd   McKong                       3,800    1pt


Dodge Racer
  1st   McKong                         368    1pt
  2nd   carlsson                       221    1pt


Crazy Scooter
  1st   therealbountybob             4,270   1pt

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FWIW, I played Raymaze 2000 in both top and bottom mazes (74850 pts on top maze, 72690 pts on bottom maze). I don't know if it would make any difference in the total standings, if the combined score is the average of best scores from both directions or the addition of best scores.

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