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Atari CX-75 Light Pen on Vectrex?


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Searched both here and elsewhere, but didn't come up with anything concrete - so here's the question:


Has anyone ever managed to get an Atari CX-75 Light Pen working with a Vectrex?


I recently picked one up from B & C simply because I'd never had one of the Atari light pens BITD, but don't have any CRTs at present.  I do, however, have a Vectrex coming back to me after Christmas, so figured this would be a good time to ask.

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45 minutes ago, SiLic0ne t0aD said:

Interesting. I don't recall anyone modding one to work on a Vectrex, but I just picked up a cx-75 super cheap and am going to try to work my magic on it.


I'll be interested to see where you take this.  From looking at the joystick port pinouts on both the Atari and Vectrex sides, I've been wondering if this is as simple as just building an adapter cable.



The cx-70s seem a lot harder to come by, unfortunately.


I've used (but never owned) the CX-70.  The CX-75s are a lot more ergonomic (and usable).

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Shouldn't be too hard to stuff one of these in there. I have a couple, so I'll give it a shot. Either that or maybe the existing circuitry can be converted.




I also saw this pic posted online, in reference to the OPL-801DC and its use on a Vectrex.




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Hm, interesting.  Any ideas on CX-75 internals for comparison?


FWIW, the CX-75 is apparently very difficult to disassemble and keep in once piece.  Never tried it myself so have no idea how complex it actually is, but that seems to be a common theme when I've looked into it.

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I built one a couple of years ago. There really is nothing to it. Didn't I post it back then??

Maybe I find some photos. No, just this one:




I just built, what is shown at: https://www.playvectrex.com/vectech/mvlp/MVLPv10_200DPI.pdf

It's working perfectly.

Compare with the schematic of an ATARI Light Pen: https://www.atariarchives.org/ecp/chapter_6.php

It's more or less the same. The ATARI-device is activated by an additional pushbutton.


Cable connection:

description   pin Vectrex      pin Atari

GND                8               8

+5VDC              7               7

OUTPUT             4               6


I made a little switch box, containing a button and a switch, leading the output to pin 4 or pin 6. I can use the light pen together with both devices. I just have a hand drawn sheet, but it is so simple, that it surely will do:











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