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Star Blader - Preview of a new lynx homebrew from Retroguru Team


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Kojote, the Retroguru project leader, decided to publish on FB a teaser for a "Top Secret" project of ours, so why not reposting it here:






other images from Simon Butler FB page:






Code is mine, musics are from @miker


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This is a really good choice of genre, the lynx is clearly missing versus fighting games. I mean there is pitfighters but... well...


Good luck with the memory, I'm foreseeing a lot of energy spent to optimize that with the use of huge sprites! But hey that's where the fun is :)

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The posted images are a test made by Simon, not screenshots of a rom, but I have a working POC with the original sprites (goblin kicking the chopped head too ?). The problem is that there is no memory left for the opponent AI at the moment, you can only hit a dummy sparring partner, that believe me is not a trivial result in terms of memory management and moves mapping to the lynx buttons. Now the challenge is to find the missing memory space to complete the game. It will require time.


Regarding the lynx colors, I spent most of the time organizing the color palettes for the POC, then gave the specs to Simon thet is a great gfx artist, and he is doing a great work with the new gfx.


Obviously the game will be improved and will have many original aspects, but I would like to release a tiny free version with the classic sprites and gameplay one day.


For the moment it's enough, too early for more spoiling.

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4 hours ago, Cammy said:

How come the sprites are limited to 3 colours? That's not a limitation the Lynx shares with other platforms. Is it to save memory or something?

Hi @Cammy, the Dawnbringer palette you modified for the Lynx to be the default palette has been really great. Most of my games are just using it, like to one below. Thanks for the help of pointing to the right direction years ago.


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The release of the game at Revision 2021 (during Easter week end) is confirmed.


At everyone with a Revison eTicket, please vote for us, all the others can follow the compo in the live streaming.


The game presented at the Revision will be a reduced version with a limited number of battles. The final version is planned before the summer.


There is a lot of blood in the game so we decided to put this warning:



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The main problem now is to find a good sound for the lightsaber swing. At high frequency everything is too beeping, low frequencies (that will give a nice effect) are cutted away.


I'm considering to not add this sound, but this will make me sad.

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