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Last Squadron ABBUC software contest 2020


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1 hour ago, shanti77 said:

Full version game from ABBUC cometition.


Fantastic game, sprite engine, graphics, and sound effects. An amazing amount of colors and action on screen at the same time. Nice use of P/M's, including extended width graphics. Thanks for sharing it with us all.


I like the damage model (power meter / hit points + instant death when running into enemies)


Congratulations on the win. Definitely one of the best shooters on the Atari computers -- maybe only eclipsed by Bosconian. ;)



1 hour ago, shanti77 said:

The game recognizes PAL / NTSC system and adjusts its speed, colors and music.


Appreciate the great level of NTSC support.



1 hour ago, shanti77 said:

There are 4 levels at the end of each one you have to defeat the boss.


Dem bosses is tough!



1 hour ago, shanti77 said:

There are 4 levels at the end of each one you have to defeat the boss. There are 2 types of shots, the special shot is fired by pressing the fire button several times or by using the second fire button (if you have one).


It seems that the special shot is latched ("by pressing the fire button several times") with a 1-button controller, but then seems revert after a while and needs to be relatched. Is that due to a limit on how many special shots the player gets? Are there full instructions for the game, or at least a few more specifics on things?



1 hour ago, shanti77 said:

Last Squadron will be released in an extended version on cartridge, featuring new levels, new enemies, different bosses and additional graphics, among others.


I'll be interested in the extended version.


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It's nice that you liked the game :)
A few words on mechanics.
We shoot by holding fire instead of pressing it (it's hard to press fire throughout the game;)
A special shot is limited in time, the more empowered the shot, the longer the second shot will be used. The remaining number of uses is in the bottom left corner of the screen (max = 3), it's best to save something for the boss. If someone has a joystick compatible with SEGA, he has a 2 button at his disposal, which also allows you to fire a special.
There are three types of improvements:
1) speed, make our plane faster
2) covers, strengthens the cover of the aircraft, additionally speeds up its regeneration and restores all energy
3) speed of the shot, additionally extends the duration of the special shot
Each gathering of an upgrade adds one use of a special shot.
Each Boss consists of two parts, each of them must be shot down separately, this is indicated by the black color of the given half.
There are 4 levels, each with its own music.

Extra life for every 10 000 points.

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Loving all the games but I am a shooter fan and Last Squadron just reminds me of Hybris / Battle Squadron on the Amiga so much, loving the game Shanti, totally loving it..


Congrats on a deserved 1st place and congratulations to the other super entries as well....Lucky us...



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I also think this is the best single theme (AtariBlast! is a multi-themed tribute game) shooter on the 8-bit. I love almost everything about it. The only thing I don't care for is the music; not that it is bad, it's good music, but it just doesn't fit the game at all. IMHO. To be fair, I haven't gotten past the first level yet, so I've only heard the music from the first level.

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8 hours ago, shanti77 said:

Usually I make the title page at the very end, there wasn't enough time for a better title, but in the cartridge version I will definitely work on it.


I think we can all appreciate the fact that contest-entry deadlines can dictate some lack of focus on bells and whistles and more concentration on the actual game.


I have a few suggestions for improvements too, which I can provide at some point, if you're interested.


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