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CVDRUM Splash Screen Contest


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CVDRUM_logo.gifCVDRUM is a new ColecoVision cartridge by E-Mancanics based on popular software and hardware drum machines, and it enables the user to create up to 9 different one measure musical rhythm patterns. These patterns can then be arranged into a 56 measure maximum rhythm sequence, and the sequence can then be looped for musical performance. AtariAge and CVDRUM creator Frank Emanuele are sponsoring a CVDRUM Splash Screen Contest to create a new splash screen for CVDRUM. The splash screen appears when the ColecoVision is first turned on with the CVDRUM cartridge inserted and remains visible until the user presses a fire button on their ColecoVision controller. In addition to having their splash screen appear in CVDRUM, the winner will also receive an autographed copy of CVDRUM. The contest runs for two weeks, and you can learn all the details about how to create a splash screen and enter the contest here.
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It looks like there's a problem with the pallette gif. It's been scaled by my guess. There are over 200 colours in the image. It's mostly recoverable, but the two left hand colours on the top row are both coming up as black and the red is dithered into three colours and I don't know which one to use.


Also, I'm being told by PP2C that the splash.pp I've made is not supported.

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I entered. My entry doesn't show in the gallary. I attached it. Do i have a good chance of winning?


We haven't added any entries to the gallery yet. These entries are going directly to Frank Emanuele, and he was gone for the weekend. I expect he'll forward me some entries to post soon, and he should also answer the questions people are having here. :)



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Hello everyone and thanks for your interest. I am sorry I was out for the weekend. I see people are having trouble with the BMP2PP program. Unfortunately, the BMP you make will not eventually look exactly the same as you designed it. The algorithm used by the program estimates the best color in the palette to use for each sample it takes of the BMP file. I played around with the palettes and found that it is better to use the one posted by Christina. I will tell Albert about this. However, due to the algorithm you still might see some noise in the finished PP file. I didn't design the program, so I don't know exactly why some colors in the palette are changing when only using the 16. However, out of all the entries they will look fine when eventually in a program.



As for the complexity of this contest. All you really need to do is make a BMP file at a resolution of a multiple of 256 X 192 with the following and send it too me:


. CVDRUM logo gif

. The screen must also say "Press Fire" to help the user know how to start the program.


You don't really need to follow all the directions if you don't want to see what it will eventually look like in the end product. However, I put these directions up so everyone would realize that the Coleco Vision has limitations and to give the contestants a good understanding of what their design might look like in the end product.


Thanks. Good Luck to everyone. If anyone has specific questions contact me at cvdrum@atariage.com or post it here.

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Hi there!


CVDRUM logo gif


I'm just curious: Why are you insisting on that logo? I'm sure it restricts the creativity of our artistically blessed members to some extent. It's not looking that special anyway and I'm sure you'd get way better entries with allowing more freedom here :)


BTW: Anyone remember this:





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I made a mistake when I setup the contest page--the contest runs for *TWO WEEKS* (as stated in the first message in this thread), and I accidently stated on the contest page that the contest ends on August 10th. This is not the case, it runs until August 17th.


...No comment...


If you're commenting on my comment about people thinking outside the box, all I meant was that the splash screens don't necessarily need to follow the formula with the CVDRUM up at the top with a black background. Some people may have had the impression that the splash screen needed to follow that type of convention, since the first four submitted more or less fit that pattern. :)



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Hello all people interested in the CVDRUM splash screen contest.

I found that Daniel Bienvenu (another Coleco Vision Programmer) made a new Windows tool to help make splash screens and bitmap graphics for the Coleco Vision.


It works just like MSPaint but it only uses the Coleco Vision palette. You can make your entries on this program and send me the PP file.


Use the following link to get the program:



To save your work just click on file and save as...


I will be able to convert your PP file into a PNG to show everyone on the entry page.


I hope this encourages more entries!


Good Luck!




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