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CVDRUM Splash Screen Contest


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Hi there!


I see some contestants don’t understand why are they getting strange outputs from bmp2pp. Well, the CV video isn't bitmapped, so don't hope it would be like MSPaint just with a limited palette. In order to create a good CV splash screen you need to understand how the CV video works first.

I created two simple rules:


1) Vertically there isn't any restriction, aside the resolution and color palette.

2) Horizontally, just take any multiple of 8 coordinate(for example 24); it and the remaining 7 pixels on right will allow just two different colors.


Again, it is a CV limitation, not a problem with bmp2pp. If you create a screen and it violates the above rules (mainly #2) then your resulting screen with bmp2pp will be changed...


Hope it helps...


Eduardo Mello

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Or are you just unable to follow those restrictions?

Or maybe no-one told us about them. :ponder:


This is the first I've heard of this limit of two colours per eight pixel segment.


Unfortunately I don't have time to work on any more screens, or fixing my two exisiting submissions.

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Thanks, opcode and Thomas for mentioning these restrictions.

I had failed to mention these for hopes of people having the easiest ability to create entries. Plus, I am by no means a veteran programmer of the Coleco Vision. (I am still hacking at it) :)


To clarify what opcode mentioned about the restrictions


Consider the following portion of a entry converted to a powerpaint file at the bottom of this reply. This file is being viewed with the CVPAINT program. Notice that each row of eight pixels only contains two colors, however each column can have eight different colors (Just said in different words from opcode) :


That is why if you (contestants) want total accuracy in your design use the CVPAINT program which puts these constraints on your design right away. :)


However, I will accept any design and I am looking for design talent and idea originality more than anything else. I can fix up an entry I like to look as good as possible. That is why I will accept BMP, GIF, PNG, and PP files as entries


Have fun and Good Luck!!! :D


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Well it is nice to see more people interested in coding for Coleco Vision. There are a series of tools I use to code in C for the Coleco Vision. They were made by Daniel Bienvenu. Here are two links where you can find them.







Have fun and good luck!


Why don't you enter too. :)

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CVDRUM_Winner.jpgCVDRUM author Frank Emanuele has selected Manu Parssinen's second entry, pictured to the right, as the winner in the CVDRUM Splash Screen Contest! Manu will receive an autographed copy of CVDRUM for his efforts, and his splash screen will appear in all copies of CVDRUM sold. CVDRUM is a ColecoVision cartridge based on popular software and hardware drum machines that enables the user to create up to nine different one measure musical rhythm patterns. You can learn more about the winning entry and finalists, as well as view all the CVDRUM entries here. CVDRUM is now available for purchase directly from the AtariAge Store.
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