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14 minutes ago, sramirez2008 said:

<Edit> Any chance of adding SaveKey support?

I might be able to do that. I did try previously but didn't have enough space left in the 7800basic reserved area, it seems now I do.

I'll see if I can work something out.



Edit: I could maybe save the top few scores, but I can't use the 7800basic high score displays as I definitely don't have space in the reserved area for those routines.

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If it all works well in NTSC this may be the final build, and I'll consider it such unless anyone finds bugs.

I found that I was getting heavy jitter from my paddles near the edge of their rotation where they're not worn smooth (they are clean though) so I upped the 'TIMEOFFSET' in 7800basic's paddle code from 10 to 64 to move the readings away from the edges and that's sorted it out nicely.

  • Made the intro extra swanky
  • Added high score screen (shows top 5 scores)
  • Added high score saving via HSC / Savekey as per 7800basic's handy support for such things
  • Added AtariVox speech  ("Plink", "Solo", "Doubles", "High scores", "High score!", "Extra Ball")
  • Optimised some stuff and performed jiggery-pokery that I don't remember the details of
  • Re-added full paddle trails in 2 player on NTSC machines. (Seems to be handling it okay in emulation)
  • Reduced paddle jitter
  • Select + Reset on power up will reset all scores to zero
  • In 2 player games, if somebody loses control of the ball the other player stays in front. (Previously both players moved back but it meant player 1 would tend to get the ball first)


Plink_20201213_4.bin Plink_20201213_4.a78

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Thanks for the video Trebor.


26 minutes ago, SlidellMan said:

what appears to be 320 mode backgrounds

The whole game is using the 1bpp 320A mode. I'm scrolling the background in RAM which is kind of a massive waste of CPU power, but it means the scrolling uses the full 320 pixel resolution rather than the 160 possible positions had I been shifting the background objects and then doing some other stuff to update the side with new graphics.

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14 hours ago, SmittyB said:

Thanks for the video Trebor.

My pleasure. :)


In the video's beginning it may be noticed, there's a little back a forth between the options at the title screen. One reason was to show what was available, but another huge reason is to find where the paddle controls 'kick-in' and picks up the clock and counter-clockwise movements of the controller.


One humble suggestion here is perhaps for a game to start without the ball or field moving - just allowing the paddle to move up and down. 


It allows the player to find the 'sweet' spot for paddle movement.  Once the player acclimates to the paddle control and sensitivity, the button on the paddle control is pressed, ball is released, and then the game starts where it currently begins now.

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When a game starts the ball is uncontrolled so will bounce back and forth horizontally with no repurcussions to the player until a player hits it to gain control of it, and as it starts by moving away even if the paddle is in the right spot there should be enough time to move away if so desired.

Unless there's demand for it I don't think I'll add a serve button.

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