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The For Sale Thread for Trimerous for the Channel F


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It's finally here! I'm sick of having 24 cartridges laying around, so I'm going to sell them! I'm now taking preorders. I'll be up and awake and ready to take down names as soon as they appear. Let me know VIA PM if you're interested. The cost is $30 including shipping. For that you get an (unfolded and glued) box, a cartridge, and a lovely 8-page manual in color.


reserve list:

1. e5frog's Swedish friend

2. masschamber

3. lazzeri

4. furor

5. ianoid

6. stupus

7. eebuckeye

8. blazing lazers

9. cvga

10. mike bloke

11. cjherr

12. retrogmr

13. KylJoy

14. Tombstone

15. bah

16. HoshiChiri

17. AtariRx

18. Captain_Combat

19. AtariUCLA24

20. INTVcruise

21. Iwantgames

22. Chuck D. Head

23. david calgary

24. -gone-



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I can't believe you haven't cleared these out yet! 30 is a steal for a new channel f game with a box!  10 bucks says the first one that ends up on ebay (it won't be mine) sells for several hundred dollars

personally I think @atari2600land if you don't get these all sold you should just put the last one on ebay and let the madness begin, you deserve to reap the benefits of your hardwork, especially after going all good guy greg with your pricing

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I doubt it. It's odd, e5frog contacted me and told me someone he knew would like an autographed copy, autographed by both me and e5frog. So I said I would and I'd send it to him. So that is the deal with that.


I have taken to sleeping all day and waking up at 2:30p.m., so I have to wake myself up special tomorrow morning to go to the post office to get the first batch mailed out. I really need to stop sleeping 13 hours a day each night.

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