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Sorry it is atari8.us NOT atari8.net.  Has many useful programs within.  This is where I found my beloved XLEnt Sotware's First Wordprocessor.  There is a Polish installation program that I ran which installed the program so that it works directly with FujiNet's WiFi capabilities.  Therefore I can print with my laser printer which is attached to my iMac running FujiNet.  All have to be on the same network of course.  Very smooth operation.

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Was playing around with this again this morning, and noticed that it isn't capable of following TNFS links.  It could use some modernisation ;-)


I'm trying to track down the developer (fastofruto) and think I have some solid leads; my plan is to ask if he'd be willing to put the source up on Github.


Will post more if / when I hear back.

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Excellent news travels fast :-D


With huge thanks to @fastofruto, the PHP source has been released and is attached to this message.  His PM to me regarding it was as follows:




I've attached the sourcecode to this message, I think i do not miss anything (i'm at work now), the zip contans three files: index.php, a style.css and a PHP file with the class with all the methods to be able to connect and manage communication with TNFS servers. It is not optimized and sure it has some bugs, but it works ;)


Feel free to use it, improve it and modify, do it what you want with it :)  I did it some years ago just for fun (initially to play with my Spectranet interface on my ZX Spectrum).


Some time ago, someone also asked me for the source code and I gave it. I have no problem to share it.


I developed it under windows using WAMP, you only have to decompress the three files on your development enviroment and that's all. It must work.


Here's the documentation of Dylan Smith about TNFS :  https://github.com/spectrumero/spectranet/blob/master/tnfs/tnfs-protocol.txt


Dylan was the crator of Spectranet interface for ZX Spectrum, that allowed also to connect to TNFS servers, like Fujinet for Atari does.


Feel free to contact me if you need something else or you have some doubts or questions, I will try to help you 


hope it helps!



If someone would kindly start a Github repository for this and share the link, it would be appreciated.


Again, many thanks to @fastofruto - this will make TNFS in general a great deal more accessible.


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On 10/27/2022 at 12:06 AM, mozzwald said:



glad to see this can be useful for the community! as said previously, feel free to share, modify and improve it (sure there's a lot that can be optimized!)


best regards


Edited by fastofruto
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