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2600 lite sixer rebuild question


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Guys - I disassembled my light sixer to clean and re-solder the power jack. The good news is that it works great, the bad news is that every time I go to screw the board back into the shield/box, once I get all the screws tightened the cart receptor is misaligned and I can’t fit a cart into the thing. I’ve tried tightening and loosening the screws in every conceivable fashion, what am I doing wrong!!!



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Yeah, it's a little finicky getting it in there just right if you've not done it before or a lot.  Usually I'll put the board back into the aluminum sarcophagus and gently wiggle it a bit side to side while putting it in, with a gentle non-forceful pressure.  Before screwing everything back together, hold the board in place (make sure you're grounded first) and try putting in a cartridge and see if it's aligned.  After confirming it's aligned, then put in the 2 screws to secure the board onto the shielding, then put the aluminum backing back on, check to see if there is a gap on the top end, between the 2 pieces and if there is you're going to have to readjust it again.  If you see that gap, if you were to secure the two pieces into place, it ends up bending the board slightly and causes the cartridge connector to become misaligned.

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