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An economically efficient guide to alternate game controllers


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I've seen tons of videos on people's preferred gamepads of all time (Saturn), some for specific connections like the DB9 (Zipstick). For those that recently got some game consoles set up and are new to what's available, I'd love to see some videos or lists compiled of suggested peripherals like light guns, racing wheels, fishing controllers, and arcade sticks.  If someone doesn't have the space for too many extra large controllers, it would be nice to pick ones that are most compatible with multiple systems, where one can spend good money on a true winner instead of many mediocre ones that just 'work.'  


An example is that I see some 90's light guns that supported BOTH Saturn and PS1.  Now add that we have blissbox and so many adapters to make other console's controllers work. I have the Wingman SD adapter now for the Saturn and Dreamcast - I'm left wondering if I should buy a Saturn light gun AND a Dreamcast one, or if a PS2/Xbox one is the better choice so one gun works on a CRT for three systems, etc. I am looking at the Virtua Stick for the Saturn, but wonder if I am better off getting some modern fight stick with real arcade parts so I can also use it on MISTER, and a Raspberry Pi. These are some examples. 


Anyone have some good guides to skip the dust collectors and just go for the goods?

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