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How to talk to a sponsor?


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That is pretty much what I did when I was seeking sponsors. I started off just asking for door prize items and then waited. I got lots of responses back with offers of games to gift certificates to give away. After that I started to send out invitations to just about anyone in my area that I thought would be interested in the show. Plus beating my feet in four different states in the area to promote the show with information pages, layouts of the room, and my fliers.


Basically, just ask. Big companies have specifics on how you apply for sponsorship and others will just give you a simply yes or no answer. Just keep trying and you will find that most businesses in the gaming community will be willing to sponsor at least a prize if for nothing else than for the cheap publicity for them.



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the one problem with prize doantions is that you have figure out a way to make sure the prizes get used.

I have to send back most the stuff GDG sent me(I luckly I was able to keep three lynx games since I didn't have them)

I 'm also stuck with 7 Coloectors guides from DP(I didn't want tosend them back was going to use them as give ways for people who requested

the program,but I figured I might be able use them as prizes for VGS'04 and keep DP as a sponsor).

Dan Iacovelli


(Crossbow,if you are still looking for sponsors let me know AVC/JCU will be glad to be a spondor OKCGE(I wanted to sponsor AGE but the prices they asked was out my range) btw: I put mention of OKCGE in the upcoming issue of the atari Zone fanzine it's due out some time soon just got geta report from AGE(from Tim willson) and put in review of BI/WN

and do club news article)

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That sounds great but for the location of the convention how did you deal with that??


The basics with that (I'm going to sumerize what I said to you on YIM)

is go with a location you can afford (the hotel for VGS was 400 per day plus tax and set up fee(491.05)) the otherplaces I did check out before the one we used for VGS were either too high (holiday inn hillside wanted 2000+tax and set up fee ) or didn't want us(countryside was that one)

the cheapest one was triton college (25.00 per day for non-profit,or 100 profit) but they didn't have anydates open and I didn't have a chance to get certificate of insurance. I could have tried for the community center because I know that wanted 25.00 per hour(I contacted them before when I wanted to get the local club started) but never had a chance to call them.


Dan Iacovelli

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Well...What Dan stated is a large part of it. You go with what you can afford. Because you have to be prepared to lose money.


As for locations..here is what you need to look for:


1. Location needs to be easy to find. So this means stick with places near major highways and or landmarks.


2. Other things in the area to do. Basically not everyone, especially those coming from out of town will just want to come to the show. Many will want to stay an extra day to rest and look around. So therefore make sure there is plenty extra besides the show that can be done afterwards. In my case, there is Belle's Asmusment Park, a Celebration Station, Fun House arcade, and at least 2 good size malls in the area of the OKGE.


3. Price. Again, as stated choose a place you can afford and be prepared to lose money. Also, check into things like the tables, skirting, and especially...POWER. Because not all Hotels and other meeting places really know what is required for a gaming show.


4. Facility. This is hard to define. Basically, in addition to the price you want to make sure that where you host the show, is a place that is nice. I actually did think about hosting the first OKGE at the Owasso High School Cafeteria as they gave me a very good price. However, I knew that sponsorship, and especially vendors were gonna be hard to get unless the show was in a more upscale facility. I will be brutally honest and state that while I first had the show scheduled to happen in Owasso at the Best Western...I was having virtually no luck in getting anyone to attend. It wasn't until I got the first real vendor and some sponsorships, that I began to think that I simply didn't have enough room and that the location simply wasn't well known enough. Owasso is a lovely community, but who the hell has ever heard of Owasso?! Tulsa, on the other hand most people have at least heard mention of. Also, as it turned out I got a much better deal overall with the Hilton than with everyone else in town. My price is twice what I was gonna be paying, but I get my tables, skirting, and setup included in the cost. Basically once I moved the show to the Hilton, space wasn't as big an issue anymore with the vendors and exhibitors I approached at first. Now...my tables are all filled. And I know the decision to host the show at the Hilton is a huge reason for that happening.


5. Size. Yeah, this is a biggie as I quickly found out and as the just recently complete AGE show will testify. I can tell you that both Dan's VGS and my OKGE aren't gonna take place in nearly the space that AGE, CGE or even Philly do. But that doesn't mean I don't have enough space. I think the space that Dan and I are using is about right for a first time show. What is most important is to think about how many tables you want in the show, and make sure to include space to walk around them easily enough...hehe.


6. Regardless of whatever, happens...have fun.



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I agree with with crossbow on what he said:

Location is important(VGS location was located right off the expressway

which was the best part)

again VGS was is a good spot: down the street is amusemt place called safariland(one of our sponsors) and it was also in the bewtween two malls

Woodfiled(15 miles) and oakbrook (5 miles). plus north park mall was also down the street. (there was also another amusemnt place enchanted castle a bit further down)

Price is important:I did loose money on my first show (this was basicly because I didn't advertise enough(we did have flyers going around in st.louis and parts of chicagoland, also some was passed out by GDG and Pack rat) my other ads wasn't even done(Cable tv BB and the suntimes paper did put the mention I submitted ). next year: it's going be done by the number of tables I sell (I have to sell off 35 of the 50 table or there will be no show)

Facilty: my place oddly enough was actually in the office building that the hotel uses the meeting room for. but it was nice and I do plan on returning there for VGS'04. We did have room for walking around since we had 35 tables on the wall 15 outside the room (I don't know how many was in the middle) if we get too many people I can always add an extra room (since it rented by the day and not by the room)


and yes have fun at the show. I tried to do that at VGS but I have to also watch my stuff at the same time so I walked around played a few of my games. and enjoyed my self.

Dan Iacovelli

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To your topic question: I learned a very important thing while at my first E3 this year regarding sponsors:


Sponsors are only interested in one thing -


"What is in it for me/my company?".


It's not a selfish or unreasonable question. You need to provide them with a clear and concise answer that may be something like:


1. giving them unique access to a a particular demographic they target for sales. be prepared to show them on paper how many people you expect at your show.


2. an exclusive way to get their message to consumers that will be attending your show [see the AGE home page for great ideas. the D&B card handouts for instance]


3. a show related event or contests tie in with a local charity or one that they are known to support.


There are so many variables. Be creative and professional.


good luck!

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