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MicroSoft is not going to remove this. According to another video by MVG MS realized that most of those who wanted to jailbreak their Xboxes wanted to do so for emulator use. So they decided to allow you to use Developer Mode (for a one time $20 fee) so you can do so without modding the system. By giving this group one of the major things they want MS is helping to control the modding scene by limiting the number of those wanting to do so. The system will eventually be jailbroken but there will be fewer people to take advantage of it (unless the process is so simple that anybody can do it).

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On 12/17/2020 at 5:35 PM, MrMaddog said:

If it wasn't for the fact I have to switch to Dev Mode for the emulation and go back for all the other games...than yeah I would go for this solution.


It's RetroArch with no front ends on it, so it's clunky time to time.


There IS a retail option(not needing to reboot), you need to do some things to access but, it's not that hard (if anyone is interested I'll get the data and post it her).  I tried them both on my Xbox one X...  I did just get a Series X and will be setting it up again. Something to note, most games that use ISOs or larger roms CAN NOT be used off USB only internal. 


The ONLY problem with the Retail version is there is a 16gb limit of data you can use with it. One you start down the road PS2, Wii, Gamecube, 16gb is gone very quickly.  On the Dev mode, I had 75gb of roms, isos etc setup, no problem at all.


Even on my Xbox one X, I tried a few PS2 games and I was shocked on how well they ran. There was some slow down here and there but, most ran good to very good.  


Its impressive how well it does work, if you can get by the little bugs with RetroArch on the Xbox.... 

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