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NES TMNT Tournament Fighters Salvageable?

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My buddy gave me a copy of this valuable game and asked me to try and get it working for him. It does have a cracked case under the label and the label has torn a bit in the crack so it's not perfect but IMO still decent enough to save if possible. It seems to have a bad CHR IC. I have cleaned some corrosion off of two of the pins and tried all of the 72 pins and get continuity at least to the pins on both ICs. It seems like a new CHR chip needs to be flashed to replace this one since the corrosion seems to be internal now. Is this worth it cost wise? I have the needed tools to change it. If it's worth it, where do I go to have someone flash a new IC?

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I didn't discover Game Crazy until 2002 and I have no idea when they started.  I worked at a few different ones.  Retail jobs tend to suck, in general, so I didn't love working for them.  The job was easy but boring because business was so slow.  The perks were snagging games for yourself when they were traded in and the promotional stuff sent to us by Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft!  We were even allowed to take home the large cardboard cutouts for games when their time was up!


37 minutes ago, vintagegamecrazy said:

I haven't watched your vids for a while now. I should check them out again. It's been many years.


Please do!  I've uploaded a ton of videos over the years.  I'm sure you'll find something entertaining to watch.  And feel free to comment if you like.  Cheers!

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