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An attempt to create a maze randomly


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It need a lot of polishing but here is a first attempt.

Before you press fire (don't press any other button) a counter is increased, when you press it, it will stop in a number between 0 and 255, that acts as the "seed" to generate the maze. There are corridors that are closed by a fence and you will need a key to go through.

The name of the game would be Randomazer, but it was already taken by another game.


EDIT: Fixed a couple of things in the new file darklab5.bin


darklab4.bin darklab4.txt

darklab5.bin darklab5.txt

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A first step into converting the game to Wolfenstein 3D.

RGB pictures, made with the method invented by Andrew Davie.

The pictures were taken from the actual Wolfenstein 3D game.


Source: http://mauisland.byethost24.com/animator/wolfen/animate.txt



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I upload the source code, because I have everything here, I will not find my games in my hd drive. This is a better backup :)
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I added a little more to the game (Wolfenstein, not Star Wars yet). Now you must "collect" (kidnap) the enemy army by taking members of it, when you reach the end of the labyrinth you will see a binary tree. That is the "staff chart". In green are the "nodes" you already collected. In blue the one you are "collecting" now. It was originally thought to represent objects and their dependency. For example you need object A and B to get object C. But it was already too complicated to just do it like it is now. So I decided that it is "bosses" you collect or kidnap until you do it with the whole garrison of the castle. Each door you take differently will lead you to a different exit of the labyrinth. To a different "boss room". But you don't fight any boss. You just take it.

My next game hopefully will use that tree as a representation of objects and their dependency.


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