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Deep Space [ ATARI 2600 ]


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Deep Space [ ATARI 2600 ] - WIP
Design and Programming: Leandro Camara
Year of development: 2020

Hi everyone!
For those who haven't seen my new game for the ATARI 2600, the link is right below.

If the ship appears incomplete on the screen, adjust the viewing quality on YouTube to (720p60) to view the 60 frames per second that Atari provides.

The game is still under construction (WIP) and it is always good to know your opinion.
Hope you like it!
Leandro Camara



Some people saw the video on YouTube and asked me how certain things work in the game, so I made this little explanation below.
If anyone wants to see more details about the game, James O'Brien played Deep Space on ZeroPage Homebrew channel on the August 21, 2020 show (link below).


The game has 16kBytes and does not use any kind of extra resources (DPC+ or similar), it runs on regular cartridges.
Controller: Joystick 1 or Joystick 2 (Arcade Mode or for left-handed) or Paddles buttons.


[ Screen 1 ] Spaceship Computer Functions
Manual shooting / Automatic shooting
Galaxy Scanner / Galaxy View
Place the ship in the chosen Orbit
Choose one of the 3 Stages of the Orbit


[ Screen 2 ] Enemy Attack (3 Stages)
4 different enemies with 3 firing speeds: Slow / Normal / Fast
The enemy Prism/Diamond has a shield, however it doesn't go down to the bottom of the screen to destroy you.
The other enemies down to the bottom of the screen and hit your spaceship.

The Status Bar shows the battle duration in each Stage.


You have for the mission 1 spaceship with 6 Energy Batteries.
The number of batteries directly interferes with the ship's fire power.
Fast Shot / Medium shot / Slow Shot (and loss of reference bar of remaining stage time).


Each time the ship is hit, a battery is lost, and this turns off the ship's rockets, commands and weapons.


[ Screen 3 ] Meteor Area
Recharge the spaceship's energy batteries.
The colors of the Probe determine the amount of recharge supplements: Many / Normal / Few.
Meteors come in different directions and speeds according to each Stage and Orbit.


[ Screen 4 ] Mothership
You have 1 minute to hit the Mothership 50 times at its weak points (Radars, Cannons and/or Engine).
Each time you hit one of the weak points (each with a different score) the Mothership flashes indicating that you hit the target.


Mothership Weapons:
Normal shooting and Torpedoes or Aerial Mines.
Fast shooting and Torpedoes or Aerial Mines.


There's a total of 4 Motherships in the game.


[ Screen 5 ] Catch Star / Mothership Destroyed
Capture as many stars as possible without allowing them to escape into space.


PS: Sorry for my English, I used Google Translator to help me.







DEEP SPACE (ZeroPage Homebrew): [ Deep Space - Minute 25m04s ]


Deep Space (L.Camara).jpg

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ZeroPage Homebrew is playing ZΔRKSTΔRS III - Deep Space w/ interview with developer Leandro Camara on tomorrow's stream LIVE on Twitch, hope you can join us!


Trilogy Credits: Leandro Camara @HSW3ET (Programming, Design and Soundtrack), Heitor Maciel (Programming Consulting), Viviane Peçaibes (Design and Text Consulting), Kenny Schmitt (Cover Illustration), Leonardo Santiago @Leonardo Santiago (Hardware)



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On 6/19/2023 at 6:36 AM, jgkspsx said:

Is this still in progress?

Hi jgkspsx! It is currently stopped. I decided to finish Zarkstars IV first.
Next month we will have Zarkstars IV (Nebula) and at the end of the year I will return to Deep Space. 🙂👍

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