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C and RAPTOR resources?


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With rB+ discontinued I'm looking for a way to use C and the RAPTOR library.  I see stuff with The Removers library but..


Anyway, I'm probably missing something even after forum and Google searches.  Any good resources for setting up a C compiler in conjunction with using RAPTOR (in C)?



Thank you in advance for any clues!

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5 hours ago, Gemintronic said:

Thank you, Zerosquare!  I suspected that might be the route.


Actually, I'm fractionally more familiar with assembly than C at this point.  I get the feeling I might be doing it wrong learning C on the Jag.


rB+ is locked to the v1 API, if you switch to assembler you can use the extra functionality and performance increases in the v2 API.

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6 minutes ago, Gemintronic said:


Already pouring over the _RAPAPPS.S from "EX-01a - Hello World".  Thank god for much better programmers than me who comment incredibly well ? 

There is a new v2 release on the horizon, I just need to finish up Gravitic Mines and a few other things, as I want to bundle a lot more examples in with it - which means coding them :)

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