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Is there a sub forum for the Atari Portfolio?


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On 12/6/2020 at 12:42 PM, dneedham said:

I just acquired a Portfolio and I have some general questions.  Is there a sub forum for the Portfolio anywhere?  I couldn't seem to find one.




Ya I run a groiup on Facebook called Atari Portfolio Users, and Kevin Warnalis runs Atari Portfolio Group, I am going to start one up on by web side of my BBS, it is now called Christ Followers BBS, at  Christ Followers BBS, and yes the whole site is secured with lots of good Atari Portfolio Files, and Amiga files, (sorry for swearing online hahahaha) but they arethere for you to download, in fact just about every system that has been made is available online.


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Salutations I too just got a portfolio and am trying to find more information about how to get one interfaced in some way with the modern world. I saw the Pofoduino and knew I could do that. My portfolio is currently functional and it has the Parallel addon. 


I did get the Newsletter for January (thank you very much!) and started downloading some of the files. 


Not sure if I can get this to work with a Sun Systems 486/50 but am gonna give it a go. 


More later tonight, if am not bleary eyed with loss of sleep lol.

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It should work, all you need is a male to male parallel cable, and the fTMenu program on your 486, plug in both ends on each parallel port and then press Atari-Z then F then S then F and S again, this should give you a full setup.

I am also getting two memory expanders from Best Electronics either tonight or Monday.

I do have a limited suppy (2) of Slave rom cards with the Master disk for Atari ST on hand for sale.

They need a serial interface and a null modem cable to work.

The best thing I have for transfers right now is a memory card reader on the P4 computer

And Transfolio Shell on XP or Win7  for the parallel Interface.

Also have Pofozip, numerous zip drives and zip disks with power supplies.

Of course I have the IDE kits but they are not yet ready.

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54 minutes ago, sirlynxalot said:

Thanks, sadly I don't have a portoflio and posted my question as a joke.  What does the pin.com program do?  Does it just display the same text/screen as shown in the movie, or does it do anything further?  Is it the actual program used on the portfolio in the movie or a fan made recreation?

Actually its the same program that was used in the movie.... and it displays the same thing....as for whether it is fan created or not I don't know


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Good news for all of you who have ordered an IDE Kit, because of problems with my contact here in Canada , Kevin Warnalis and I have decided to ship the entire IDE kit prototype to someone reliable in Arizona (the modified parallel interface, the prototype , a memory card, everything needed to get the ball rolling on this IDE Kit project), we should have results in a couple of months instead of a couple of years, Don is being taken out of the loop on this project, he is simply not reliable enough.


I am sending everything related to the project this week and Mike from Arizona will be working on it for us, as well as trying to duplicate my retro SI Simulant Wifi Modem for the Atari Portfolio.


Kevin and Mike and I had a long conference call last night and between the three of us, this is what we are doing. I will still be workjing on my BBS, which has changed form Spy Visits SPy BBS to Christ Followers BBS, at Christ Followers BBS and Website, Telnet side is Telnet side of Christ Followers BBS.


As for the BBS and website, I am adding totally legal streaming of copyrighted audio only, from ABBA to ZZ TOP, all of my 1000 records and tapes are going online for your listening pleasure or download, negotiation of license fees for this are being worked on as we speak, it should only cost me around $120 Canadian for full streaming rights though Socan in Canada.


Because I have so many records and tapes to record on my stereo system, I am picking the best of the best for now , and I hope to have a request system going for what I have , a list of all records and tapes will be made a available so that you can rock on while playing around with your Atari stuff.


Another feature of the BBS that I am testing is surround sound streaming , I do not know if it is feasable at long distances, but we will try it, it seems to work good locally but overseas I simply do not know, there will be a section for Surround Sound 5.1 songs (whole albums), on my BBS, and as I have said before this is totally legal , as I am paying for the rights to do this quite simply because I am NOT charging for this , they gave me the lowest price that they could to still cover all legal requrements for me to stream copyrighted materials audio only, (no videos).


The streaming will go online as soon as I get my license number from Socan, could be a few days before it is totally ready.


I will still be writing software for the Atari Portfolio, but this new project of keeping the BBS going will take priority over anything.


Russ Campbell

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